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PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter


The PWF is a powerful plugin to filter WooCommerce products. Filter products by any criteria, including categories, tags, attributes, taxonomies, price, stock status, rating, on sale, featured, custom fields, authors, search text, order by, and date.

Also can filter WordPress custom post types. For example blog posts, and events.

Filter a list of post types on its archive, categories, and taxonomies page. Also, those created by Gutenberg, Shortcode, and page builder plugins. Additionally, It supports custom PHP code that uses WP_Query class.

Demo | Documentation

Here we will cover these points

  • Main features.
  • Available display fields.
  • Filter WooCommerce products.
  • Ajax: to filter WooCommerce products.
  • Filter WooCommerce products by variations.
  • Filter any WordPress custom post types.
  • The plugin shortcodes and widgets.
  • Supporting Page Builder Plugins.
  • Supporting WordPress themes.
  • SEO tool.
  • Style customization tool.
  • Analytic tool.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Documentation.

pwf woocommerce products filter features

The PWF plugin Main Features

The WooCommerce Products Filter plugin comes with a lot of amazing features. That makes customization easy.

  • Pretty and clean URLs.

    • Pretty URL. For example, yoursite/product-catgory-clothing/color-red/
    • Clean URL. For example, yoursite/?product-catgory=clothing&color=red
  • Can filter any WordPress posts types.
  • Create unlimited filters.
  • Simple step-by-step filters.
  • Vertical and horizontal layout.
  • Easy drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Supporting RTL, Ajax, and mobile friendly.
  • Create custom filters for specific categories.
  • Supporting WordPress MultiSite and Multi-Languages (WPML).
  • Hierarchy taxonomies.
  • Toggle content (show/hide).
  • Show or hide the count of items.
  • Translated Languages English, Arabic.
  • Scroll-to-top option after doing Ajax.
  • Controlling the position to display active filters.
  • Action for empty filter item (show, hide, disable).
  • Translation Ready(PO & MO files).
  • JS Pushstate when clients click the browser back button.
  • Pagination types (Numbers, Load more button, Infinite scroll).

    This feature doesn’t need to exist in the theme.

  • Caching system: to increase load speed.(up to 60000 products were tested with three Languages)
  • Code optimization and WordPress coding standards.

Available Display Fields

The plugin has many elements that can display on the front end.

  • Date.
  • Radio.
  • Rating.
  • Box list.
  • Text list.
  • Checkbox.
  • Price Slider.
  • Apply and reset button.
  • Search by title or title and content.
  • Color list with the option to upload image.
  • Dropdown menu with multi-select option.
  • Range slider (meta, taxonomy, product rate).
  • Column layout for designing a horizontal layout.

Woocommerce Products Filter

The PWF plugin has been specially developed to filter Woocommerce products.
By using the built-in drag-and-drop form builder,
you can easily combine a group of filter items to create the perfect view of your WooCommerce shop.

The PWF plugin is integrated with the order menu on the shop archive page.
And it can also Filter the products that are displayed using the Woocommerce shortcodes.
Or any custom query using the WordPress class WP_Query.

Filter Woocommerce products using any criteria, such as

  • Price.
  • Range slider: custom fields, rating.
  • Stock status: in stock, out of stock, on backorder.
  • Product Variations.
  • Custom fields / Meta. (Weight, Length, Width, Height).
  • Date.
  • Search.
  • On sale.
  • Featured
  • Rating.
  • Product categories, tags.
  • Any custom taxonomies: brand.
  • Product visibility, and Product shipping.
  • Product Type: external, grouped, simple, variable.
  • Woocommerce attributes: size, color, season, etc

Filter WooCommerce products using taxonomies created by custom code or a plugin. like the brand taxonomy.

Using Ajax To Filter WooCommerce Products

The PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter provides fast and clean Ajax technique. We tested our plugin with many popular Woocommerce WordPress themes and found that filtering products using ajax works well. For example, Avada, Enfold, and Uncode. For more information, please read the documentation.

The plugin is compatible with Elementor plugin pro and PowerPack for Elementor, so you can use ajax to get Woocommerce products.

Filter WooCommerce Products By Variations.

Using the filter item stock status helps your customers to display in-stock and out-of-stock products depending on product variations.
For example, color, and size.

For example, there is a product that has 4 colors(red, blue, orange, and black)
and 4 sizes (small, medium, large, x large) suppose that the color red doesn’t exist with all sizes so
when a client clicks the red color this product doesn’t display and the client can click out of stock to see it.

Filter Any WordPress Custom Post Types

Filter any WordPress custom post types including blog posts. You can filter any post type by any criteria including categories, tags, meta, date, author, search, and taxonomies.

This feature works only on the post archive and taxonomies pages. you need to disable the option “use ajax”.

We will add support to the custom query as soon as possible.

The plugin shortcodes and widgets

The plugin comes with three widgets and shortcodes. Each widget has an equivalent shortcode.

  • First, display filter items.
  • Second, Display active filters that are selected by the customer.
  • Third, Display the SEO short description on the front end.

Supporting Page Builder Plugins

The PWF plugin is Compatible with most page builders plugins including Elementor, Elementor PRO, PowerPack for Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Divi Builder, Themify Builder, Oxygen Builder, and Beaver Builder.

The Ajax technique is compatible with the blocks create by Elementor PRO and PowerPack plugins Which display Woocommerce products.

Supporting WordPress Themes

The plugin supports most WordPress themes. Sometimes, we add a custom code to the popular themes to support Ajax. Please read the documentation for more details under the section “Test themes”.

SEO Tool

The WooCommerce Products Filter provides an amazing tool that handles SEO. It comes with a lot of benefits.

  • Interface: A simple Drag and drop form builder.
  • Support pretty and clean URLs.
  • Support popular SEO plugins: Yoast SEO, Rank Math, All in One SEO, SEOPress, Squirrly.
  • Fields that will be modified: the meta title, meta description, canonical URL, previous and next links, and breadcrumb.
  • Generate a large number of URLs on the fly without writing any code.
  • Save your time by using the generate button. One-click generates a meta title, description, etc.
  • XML sitemap. (coming soon)

woocommerce products filter SEO

Style Customization Tool

The plugin comes with a style customization tool. It helps you customize the plugin’s style to match the website theme style. You can change the colors, font size, shape size, and hover.

Analytic Tool

The WooCommerce Products Filter plugin provides a powerful tool that helps you to know what things are more interesting to your customers to make a decision about your website to improve it.

you can filter the analytic section by:

  • Date range.
  • Filter name.
  • Ajax Or API.
  • Languages used on the website.
  • How many customers use filters each day?
  • How to Enable analytics data and screenshots?

Developer Friendly

Developers can use the plugin’s numerous PHP and Javascript hooks for extensive customization.
For example, you can change the templates that display products, result counts, and pagination.


The PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter provides an interface for applications to interact with our plugin and Woocommerce by sending and receiving data as JSON. You can connect with the filter REST API to get filtering products.

This feature is only available for Woocommerce Products.

Free version

Trying the free plugin PWF – Products filter for WooCommerce.

Where can you get more information about this plugin?

Please, read the plugin documentation you will find a lot of information and tutorials about the plugin.

Looking for a way to filter WooCommerce products and WP post types?

Check out our plugin! It’s an impressive WordPress plugin with a lot of useful features.

-- Version 1.9.5 (3 June 2023)
- Add new Apply filters for date query.

-- Version 1.9.4 (22 April 2023)
- Fixed admin meta option "display_pages" with PHP 8.0+.

-- Version 1.9.3 (14 April 2023)
- Fix clickable filter item title on the frontend if no toggle content.

-- Version 1.9.2 (6 April 2023)
- Fixed admin meta with PHP 8.0+.

-- Version 1.9.1 (2 April 2023)
- Update the plugin to the latest WooCommerce version.

-- Version 1.9.0 (18 November 2022)
- Fixed meta if the current post type is not Woocommerce products.

-- More
- check the changelog.txt in the plugin files.