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HUSKY – WooCommerce Products Filter Professional [WOOF Filter]


Filter for WooCommerce Products Professional

HUSKY – WooCommerce Products Filter Professional (formerly known as WOOF) is an advanced professional product filter plugin that enhances
the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin. It empowers your website visitors to easily search and filter woocommerce products based on: product
categories, product attributes, product tags, taxonomies, meta fields, and product price, product title, product description, etc …

Filter front builder

Using filter front builder HUSKY allows to create filter forms directly on the site front

HUSKY offers seamless integration with your website through advanced shortcodes and widgets. You can easily incorporate the filter using these shortcode(s) and/or widgets. With HUSKY’s filter constructor, you have the flexibility to create custom filter elements tailored to your specific business requirements.

filter seo friendly

Also, HUSKY filter enables the generation of search engine optimized (SEO-friendly) links, such as https://demo.products-filter.com/swoof/color-red/product_cat-sport/. These links can be included in your site map file, contributing to improved search engine rankings, particularly on Google.

WooCommerce Products Filter demoWooCommerce Products Filter freeWooCommerce Products Filter faqWooCommerce Products Filter video

Professional WooCommerce products filter plugin should possess the following essential features

  • [Maximum integration with WooCommerce]: The professional product filter provided by HUSKY is highly optimized for WooCommerce, offering maximum efficiency and performance.
    Designed with WooCommerce in mind, this filter plugin ensures seamless integration and smooth operation specifically tailored to the needs of e-commerce websites. With its professional-grade features and optimization, HUSKY delivers an exceptional filtering experience, enhancing
    the functionality and usability of your WooCommerce store…
  • [SEO]: HUSKY filter offers the ability to generate search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly links, such as https://demo.products-filter.com/swoof/color-red/product_cat-sport/, which can contribute to improving your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. These SEO-friendly links can also be included in your site map file, further enhancing the visibility and accessibility of your filtered content to search engine crawlers. By utilizing these features, HUSKY helps optimize your website for higher rankings on Google and improve its overall search engine visibility.
  • [Custom taxonomies]: HUSKY filter seamlessly integrates with custom taxonomies, allowing you to effortlessly create and utilize specific taxonomies such as “Brands.” With HUSKY, you have the flexibility to define and manage custom taxonomies that align with your business needs. This capability enables you to effectively categorize and filter products based on brands, enhancing the organization and navigation of your WooCommerce store. HUSKY empowers you to optimize the filtering experience by leveraging custom taxonomies, such as “Brands,” to improve product discovery and customer satisfaction.
  • [Meta fields]: HUSKY filter allows you to incorporate meta fields data into the search process, giving you the ability to filter products based on custom meta data fields. These fields can be of the text or number types and can be configured within the plugin settings. By utilizing this feature, you can refine your product searches and provide more specific results based on the custom meta data associated with your products. HUSKY provides compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), allowing you to create and filter products based on ACF fields of types such as select, radio, and true/false.
  • [Extensive Filtering Options]: HUSKY filter provides a diverse range of filtering options to enable users to refine and narrow down search results based on various criteria, including categories, tags, attributes, custom fields, and more. Example plugin offers the ability to use the logic operator XOR, which allows you to exclude specific products from the search results. By applying the XOR logic, you can refine your product searches further by specifying certain criteria that should not be present in the search results.
  • [Customization Options]: HUSKY filter allows for customization, enabling you to customize the filter elements (Smart Designer), and behavior of the filter elements to match your website’s design and branding.
  • [Filter front builder]: create unique filters directly on the site front: using shortcode [woof_front_builder name=”My Filter”]
  • [Filter elements constructor]: HUSKY features a powerful filter element constructor that empowers you to create precise and customized filters for your business needs. With this intuitive constructor (Smart Designer), you have the flexibility to design and configure filter elements that align perfectly with your specific requirements. Whether it’s categories, attributes, tags, or other criteria, HUSKY’s filter element constructor enables you to create tailored filters that accurately reflect your business and provide an enhanced filtering experience for your customers.
  • [Performance Analytics (Statistic)]: HUSKY filter provides performance analytics and insights, allowing you to track and analyze user behavior, popular filter combinations, and conversion rates.
  • [Advanced Features]: HUSKY filter offer advanced features like live filtering, AJAX-based filtering, multi-select options, range sliders, SKU, text filter search suggestions, color elements, image elements

With HUSKY filter you can go further and empower your shop by:

HUSKY comes with a wide range of built-in extensions that enhance its functionality

  • [Search STATISTIC] : Collect statistical data on search requests to improve your business effectiveness.
  • [Show attributes as Colors] : Display product attributes as color options.
  • [Show attributes as Images] : Present product attributes as image selections.
  • [Meta Filter] : Filter products based on custom meta fields.
  • [Search by Text] : Perform product searches based on title, content, excerpt, and combinations.
  • [Search by SKU] : Filter products by SKU.
  • [Taxonomy Range-slider] : Utilize range sliders for taxonomy filtering.
  • [Hierarchy drop-down] : Display hierarchical filters in a dropdown format to filter products one-by-one option (Example: Brand -> Model -> Type).
  • [Show attributes as Labels] : Present product attributes as labels.
  • [On sales checkbox] : Filter products based on sales status.
  • [In stock checkbox] : Filter products based on availability.
  • [Create search SEO links] : Generate SEO-friendly links for pre-filtered product searches, such as https://demo.products-filter.com/swoof/color-red/product_cat-sport/.
  • [Include SEO links in the site map file] : Improve search engine visibility by adding SEO links to your site map file.

These extensions, among others, provide you with extensive options for customizing and optimizing your product filtering experience with HUSKY.

If you’re a WordPress+PHP developer seeking enhanced flexibility, HUSKY filter offers the perfect solution. With the HUSKY filter extension API, you can unleash your creativity and develop unique features for your project or your clients. By leveraging the API and drawing inspiration from the default extensions, you can create custom extensions for the search form and even tailor the woo-products loop template to suit your specific needs. This level of flexibility provides endless possibilities for product filtering, empowering you to achieve professional results and meet your unique requirements. Explore the maximum flexibility of HUSKY filter for a truly personalized filtering experience!

Designed not only for developers but for all users, this advanced filter plugin offers a remarkable level of flexibility that surpasses the standard display of a WooCommerce store. It provides the ideal solution for extending the filter functionality, allowing you to tailor the filtering experience according to your specific requirements. With this plugin, you can elevate your WooCommerce store to new heights, offering enhanced flexibility and empowering users to discover products with greater ease and precision. Experience the best way to extend the filter functionality and unlock the full potential of your online store.

Check out this Live Demo!

Harness the power of HUSKY filter to unlock the full potential of your eCommerce store. Empower your customers with advanced search and filtering capabilities, allowing them to effortlessly find and filter products based on their specific interests. With HUSKY filter, you provide your customers with a superior browsing experience, enabling them to discover products that truly resonate with them. Expand your business potential and enhance customer satisfaction by implementing HUSKY filter in your eCommerce store.

Explore the endless possibilities with our interactive Demo! Feel free to explore and experiment with the site below to witness the remarkable capabilities that await you. Prepare to be amazed as we showcase what can be achieved with our powerful filter plugin. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed by the vast potential and exciting features that await you. So go ahead, dive in, and discover the remarkable possibilities that await you with our Demo!

WooCommerce Products Filter demo site

Test drive BEFORE you buy!

Don’t miss this opportunity, take it for a test drive BEFORE you buy. You can download and try
for FREE before you commit to anything. No hassle, no obligation! Click on the banner below to get free version.

WooCommerce Products Filter for free


✔ Representation

HUSKY offers versatile options for displaying and customizing the product filter on your website. It can be used as a shortcode or widget, allowing you to easily insert the filter anywhere on your site. You can choose from various display options for taxonomies and attributes, such as radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, multi-drop-downs, color swatches, image thumbnails, labels, hierarchy drop-downs, and range sliders for attributes and taxonomies.

✔ Products shortcode

With the products shortcode, you can display and filter specific products on a single page or within your post content. It provides flexibility in choosing the number of products per page, columns, and the ability to use custom templates to suit different projects.

✔ Filter front builder

Create product filter directly on the site frontside using shortcode [woof_front_builder name=”My Filter”]

✔ Products searching/filtering by AJAX

HUSKY allows filtering WooCommerce products without page reloading using AJAX technology. Please note that compatibility with your WordPress theme should be tested before deploying to ensure seamless integration.

✔ Dynamic products recount when filtering

This powerful feature dynamically displays the number of relevant product variants that will be found when selecting specific filter options in the search form.

✔ Filter WooCommerce products by Meta Data

You can add meta fields data to the search flow, enabling you to filter products based on custom meta data fields (text and number types) configured in the plugin settings.

✔ Filter by ACF fields

HUSKY provides compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), allowing you to create and filter products based on ACF fields of types such as select, radio, and true/false.

✔ Filter products by SKU

HUSKY allows filtering your shop products by SKU as part of the comprehensive search form. You can utilize the special shortcode [woof_sku_filter] to enable SKU filtering.

✔ Filter products by Price

You have the option to display a price filter as a range slider or a drop-down with selectable price ranges.

You can enable text search functionality for WooCommerce products, allowing users to search by title, content, excerpt, or combinations of these. The special shortcode [woof_text_filter] enables you to place the text search input wherever you prefer.

HUSKY offers the SEO URL request extension, allowing your shop to generate SEO-friendly links with pre-filtered product results. This can significantly enhance your site’s search engine visibility and improve search results.

✔ Step by step products filter

This unique feature enables you to create a step-by-step product filter wizard for your customers. They can gradually select the desired products by following a guided process.

✔ Filter Statistic

HUSKY provides a filter statistic feature, allowing you to analyze search data and gain insights into your customers’ preferences. This valuable information can help you optimize your business strategy and improve customer satisfaction.

✔ Quick Search filter

The Quick Search filter technology, designed specifically for HUSKY, enables instant search functionality without AJAX or page reloading, regardless of the number of products in your shop.

✔ Filter Products Messenger

With the Filter Products Messenger feature, logged-in customers can subscribe to specific product filter combinations and receive notifications when exact products matching their criteria become available in your shop. This can significantly boost conversion rates. You can use it as a widget or via the [woof_products_messenger] shortcode.

✔ Saver of Search query

The Saver of Search query extension allows your customers to save their search combinations with a single click, providing them with convenient access to their saved searches in the future. This feature enhances the overall shopping experience on your site.

✔ Infinite Scrolling

Infinite Scrolling eliminates the need for pagination buttons by continuously loading and displaying WooCommerce products as users scroll down the shop or catalog page.

✔ Images can be used as filter elements in the search form.

✔ Colors can be used as filter elements in the search form.

✔ Price filter can be displayed as a range slider or a drop-down selection.

✔ You can show the hidden search form as a BUTTON.

✔ Different skins can be selected for radio buttons and checkboxes in the filter form in the plugin settings.

✔ You can create custom product layout templates and use them with the filter shortcode [woof_products] in both AJAX and redirect modes. The attributes custom_tpl and tpl_index provide extensive customization options.

✔ Developers have the ability to create custom extensions for the filter using the provided code examples in the ‘ext’ folder.

✔ HUSKY filter has a comprehensive API documented in the CODEX.

✔ HUSKY filter utilizes the native WooCommerce API, ensuring compatibility and cooperation with other plugins developed for WooCommerce.

✔ HUSKY filter is compatible with the WooCommerce Currency Switcher.

✔ HUSKY filter is compatible with WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables.

✔ HUSKY filter is compatible with WPML.

✔ HUSKY filter is fully compatible with PHP versions 7.2.x to 8.x.x.

✔ HUSKY filter offers a simple, robust, and feature-rich options panel for easy configuration.

✔ Get strong technical support from our dedicated team of experts!


Still not convinced? Download it now for FREE and take it for a test drive on our own site!

WooCommerce Products Filter for free

Of course HUSKY comes with comprehensive online documentation for any of those niggling
questions, including a dedicated section on working with the API and custom sections for
developers, how to setup your front­end and use Shortcodes as well as Tips & Tricks for getting
the most out of your new plugin


Quick start with HUSKY


WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

This plugin is part of “WooCommerce Business Tools Bundle”


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HUSKY rates


HUSKY support

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets


v. - September 22, 2023
    - 1 security fix, thanks to Rafie M from patchstack.com

v. - August 21, 2023
    - 2 security fixes, thanks to Darius Sveikauskas from patchstack.com

v. - July 26, 2023
    - fix about ACF extension
    - added advanced option [Forcing disabling of functionality] into tab Advanced options

v. - July 18, 2023
    - Smart Designer database fix

v.3.3.4 - July 17, 2023
    - heap of small fixes
    - New extension [Filter form Front Builder] https://products-filter.com/extencion/filter-form-front-builder/

v.3.3.3 - May 18, 2023
    - heap of small fixes
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-3-3-3/

v.3.3.2 - January 10, 2023
    - Rebranding: WOOF to HUSKY
    - 1 security fixed, thanks to Animesh from WPScan

v.3.3.1 - December 17, 2022
    - New extension [Smart Designer] https://products-filter.com/smart-designer
    - 1 security fixed, thanks to Animesh from WPScan

v.3.3.0 - September 14, 2022
    - code sanitizing
    - code refactoring
    - up version number to 3

v. - September 11, 2022
    - code sanitizing

v. - September 01, 2022
    - code sanitizing

v. - August 07, 2022
    - 1 security fix

v. - July 22, 2022
    - WPML error fix

v.2.2.9 - July 13, 2022
    - heap of small fixes
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-9/

v.2.2.8 - June 20, 2022
    - heap of small CSS fixes
    - fix for the text search Husky
    - new option: "Image for autoform toggle" 
    - new value for option "Skins for the auto filter": Flat white (1 column)

v.2.2.7 - May 31, 2022
    - heap of small fixes
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-7/

v. - January 14, 2022
    - fixed: is_ajax function is deprecated since woocommerce version 6.1.0. Replace with wp_doing_ajax.

v. - December 23, 2021
    - 1 security issue fixed thanks to Erwan from WPScan

v. - December 07, 2021
    - 1 security issue (sanitizing)

v. - November 22, 2021
    - 1 security issue fixed thanks to patchstack.com

v.2.2.6 - October 29, 2021
    - new admin panel design
    - SEO links extension
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-6/

v. - August 03, 2021
    - fixed wp 5.8 widget issue
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-5-6/

v. - July 28, 2021
    - 2 middle fixes

v. - June 24, 2021
    - code refactoring for Envato new requirements

v. - April 01, 2021
    - some little fixes

v.2.2.5 - March 18, 2021
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-5/

v. - December 09, 2020
    - jQuery code fix for WordPress 5.6 compatibility

v.2.2.4 - April 16, 2020
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-4/

v.2.2.3 - September 23, 2019
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-3/

v. - 07-11-2018
    - 1 hot fix with redirecting from single page to shop page. Reset site cache as js/front.js and js/front_comprssd.js file was changed!!

v.2.2.2 - 29-10-2018
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-2/

v.2.2.1 - 20-06-2018
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-1/

v.2.2.0 - 06-03-2018
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-2-0/

v.2.1.9 - 09-02-2018
    - compatibility fixes for woocommerce 3.3.x

v.2.1.8 - 03-12-2017
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-1-8/

v.2.1.7 - 24-04-2017
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-1-7/

v. - 06-12-2016
    - 8 little fixes
    - new option for taxonomy range Slider - "Enable dynamic recount" 

v.2.1.6 - 04-11-2016
    - https://products-filter.com/update-woocommerce-products-filter-v-2-1-6/

v. - 09-07-2016
    - 1 hot fix

v.2.1.5 - 08-07-2016
    - Some little bugs fixed reported from customers
    - 2 Security Vulnerability issues fixed - thanks to pluginvulnerabilities.com
    - Adopting to WooCommerce 2.6.x
    - New attribute tax_exclude: [woof tax_exclude='pa_size,pa_test']
    - New hook filter 'woof_use_chosen'
    - New hook filter 'woof_main_query_tax_relations' added, wacth more here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4zUhfhZlonlNkVXMEZIdUxlWFU/view?usp=sharing
    - Toggle improvement based on request from https://wordpress.org/support/topic/toggle-open-them-all?replies=3
    - Disable the tooltips option for the color filter only
    - New hook filter 'woof_text_autocomplete_items' - how many founded items mto show if text autocomplete mode enabled
    - Links to posts in suggestion - new option for text search if autocomplete enabled
    - A lot of minor improvements in the code

v. - 16-05-2016
    - Fixed 2 bugs with terms ordering and non-latin characters
    - In the bundle added new extension "Color 2" for WPML lang sites

v. - 31-03-2016
    - Fixed 1 bug with hiding terms from options

v.2.1.4 - 29-03-2016
    - Fixed bugs from customers
    - A lot of the code has been remade
    - Extension installation functionality from backend is added and its API is finished and can be used in production
    - Using default extension php developers can create: types of filter elements using any
      custom html templates, any products loop templates
    - Possibility to write custom templates for woocommerce products loop using extensions
    - Improved SKU searching for variable products and autocomplete added
    add_filter('woof_text_autocomplete_items', function($count){
           return 2;
    }); (enabled optionally from admin panel)
    - Improved by Text searching and autocomplete added
    add_filter('woof_sku_autocomplete_items', function($count){
       return 2;
    }); (enabled optionally from admin panel)
    - Improved InStock searching for variable products
    - Toggles for taxonomies on the front added
    - New attribute: [woof_author_filter role="author"]
    - New attribute: custom_tpl for [woof_products]. Example: [woof_products custom_tpl='themes/twentytwelve/woo_tpl_1.php' per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=0 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
    - New attribute: [woof_products get_args_only=1] - possibility get array of arguments only
    - New attribute: [woof excluded_terms="33,44,55,66,77"]
    - New attribute: [woof_products predict_ids_and_continue=1]
    [woof_products_ids_prediction taxonomies=product_cat:8] - use for AJAX mode only for correct price range slider work
    - New option: Range-slider skin - tab Design
    - New option: Init plugin on the next site pages only - tab Advanced
    - New option: <strong>In the terms slugs uses non-latin characters</strong> - from now doesn matter which language uses in slug names - tab Advanced
    - New hook added: add_filter('woof_title_tag', function($tag){
           return 'h3';
    - New hook added: add_filter('woof_widget_title_tag', function($tag){
           return 'h3';
    - New hook added: $price_slider_html = apply_filters('woof_price_slider_html', $price_slider_html, $price_slider_data);
    - New hook added: $orderby = apply_filters('woof_get_terms_orderby', $taxonomy);
    - New hook added: $order = apply_filters('woof_get_terms_order', $taxonomy, $orderby);

v. - 28-01-2016
    - Image extension added

v. - 04-01-2016
    - Hot fix for 1 js error

v.2.1.3 - 03-01-2016
    - Fixed bugs from customers
    - The backend design is changed
    - New wp filter: $wr = apply_filters('woof_products_query', $wr); in [woof_products]
    - New attributes added: [woof tax_only='pa_color,pa_size' items_only='by_text,by_author']
    - https://products-filter.com/documentation/#!/hierarchy-drop-down
    - Color type improved, now its possible set background image too
    - Search by text: by excerpt, by content OR excerpt, by title OR content OR excerpt
    - Added new shortcode: [woof_text_filter]
    - Added new shortcode: [woof_author_filter]
    - Added new shortcode: [woof_search_options]
    - Improved shortcode: [woof_price_filter type="slider"] //slider,select
    - Improved shortcode: [woof_products behaviour='recent' per_page=12 columns=3]
    - Improved shortcode: [woof redirect="xxx" autosubmit=1]
    - Improved shortcode: [woof redirect="http://www.my-site.com/" autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1 tax_only="locations" by_only="none"] - new attributes - tax_only,by_only,redirect
    - Disable swoof influence option
    - Custom front css styles file link option
    - Additional text in the widget optionally
    - Additional options in the widget optionally
    - Custom extensions possibility implemented
    - Show helper button option

v.2.1.2 - 15-09-2015
    - Fixed minor issues from customers
    - Added: Search by SKU
    - Added: Filter by price as drop-down
    - Added shortcode: [woof_title_filter placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
    - Added shortcode: [woof_price_filter additional_taxes="product_cat:9" placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
    - Added shortcode: [woof_sku_filter placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
    - the color description selectable so that it can be highlighted and pasted into colour selector by the term description textarea
    - Added condition attribute 'taxonomies': [woof taxonomies=product_cat:9 sid="auto_shortcode"][woof_products is_ajax=1 per_page=8 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
    - Added: the “eyeball” search icon image - can be changed in the plugin settings -> tab Miscellaneous
    - Added: dynamic recount cron cache periods of cleaning
    - Added: option - Hide woof top panel buttons
    - Added: option - storage type: session or transient
    - Added: option - Hide terms count text
    - PHP code optimization

v.2.1.1 - 15-07-2015
    - Fixed couple of bugs + 1 strict notice
    - added compatibility for WOOCS 2.0.9

v.2.1.0 - 26-06-2015
    - Fixed couple of bugs + 1 critical bug
    - added submit button in textinput for searching by title by JavaScript
    - Added option: ability to change 'Search slug' in the HUSKY plugin options
    - Added option: placeholder optionally for search by title textinput
    - Compatibility: Display Product for WooCommerce, partitional only, read: https://products-filter.com/display-product-for-woocommerce-compatibility/

v.2.0.9 - 19-06-2015
    - Fixed couple of bugs
    - Added option: Image for subcategories - open
    - Added option: Image for subcategories - close
    - Added option: Loading word - tab miscelanous
    - Added option: Reset button text - option none
    - Added option: Image for checked color type checkbox
    - Added option: Price filter title text
    - Added option: Overlay skin - experimental
    - Added option: Use icheck - mode 'none'
    - Added option: woof_is_mobile - variable for developers for mobile view
    - Added option: Show button for "Filter by price" 
    - Compatibility: WooCommerce Products Per Page

v.2.0.8 - 26-05-2015
    - Fixed couple of bugs
    - Compatibility: WooCommerce Currency Switcher

v.2.0.7 - 21-05-2015
    - Release of the premium version