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Crazy Hour – Event Management WordPress Theme


Crazy Hour is the Best Event Management WordPress with dozens of awesome features and designs you would have never seen in any other Event management WordPress theme. Each of the 8 innovative designed Homepage styles is perfect in itself. To promote the ranking of your site, our skilled professionals have constructed it with the latest search engine friendly parameters, viz. built-in SEO, fast loading, and cross-browser compatibility. So, if you are going to make your website using Crazy Hour – Event Management WordPress Theme then this is your final stop, As you would not get better than this in the market. Also, we offer dedicated 24/7 Free support for our valuable customers. Feel free to get support as we love to help our clients. You can contact us for support on WPEssential

Crazy Hour - Event Management WordPress Theme - 1
Crazy Hour - Event Management WordPress Theme - 2
Crazy Hour - Event Management WordPress Theme - 3
Crazy Hour - Event Management WordPress Theme - 4
Crazy Hour - Event Management WordPress Theme - 5

General Features

  • System status page
  • Compress css
  • Fav icon
  • Unlimited color scheme
  • Webpage loader
  • Site RTL
  • Unlimited sidebar generater
  • language upload system
  • Custom css & js editor
  • Website tracking system
  • One click demo importer
  • One click demo file importer
  • One click demo from url importer
  • One click theme option data file generater
  • One click theme options url generater
  • One click theme options code generater
  • Theme options live search
  • Theme options section reset option
  • Theme options reset option

Boxed Version

  • Boxed top space option
  • Boxed bottom space option
  • Boxed with pattern background
  • Boxed with color background
  • Boxed with transparent background
  • Boxed with background image
  • Boxed with external background image

Third Party APIs

  • Youtube API
  • Google Map API

Header Options

  • Sticky header
  • Header with background image
  • Header with color background
  • Header image before layer with unlimited color
  • Header before layer opacity
  • Logo image
  • Logo text with google fonts settings
  • Logo height
  • Logo width
  • Logo left position
  • Logo right position
  • Logo center position
  • Header menu left position
  • Header menu right position
  • Header menu center position

Responsive Header Options

  • Responsive header background image
  • Responsive header background color
  • Responsive header background image layer
  • Responsive header background image layer opacity
  • Responsive header logo image
  • Responsive header logo text with google fonts settings
  • Responsive header logo height
  • Responsive header logo width
  • Footer with black option
  • Footer with white option
  • Footer without black/white option
  • Footer widget area background image
  • Footer widget area on/off
  • Footer subtitle
  • Footer title
  • Footer description
  • Footer copyright area on/off
  • Footer copyright content area

Blog Options

  • Blog template transparent header
  • Blog template title
  • Blog template title style (full/half)
  • Blog template custom title
  • Blog template subtitle
  • Blog template short note
  • Blog template title background (image/color/none)
  • Blog template parallax style (full / half)
  • Blog template layout style (one / two)
  • Blog template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Blog template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Blog template with four column
  • Blog template with left sidebar
  • Blog template with right sidebar
  • Blog template without sidebar
  • Blog template sidebar list
  • Blog template post date on/off
  • Blog template post author on/off
  • Blog template post category on/off
  • Blog template content limit
  • Blog template list style
  • Blog template social sharing option

Blog Author Options

  • Author template transparent header
  • Author template title
  • Author template title style (full/half)
  • Author template custom title
  • Author template subtitle
  • Author template short note
  • Author template title background (image/color/none)
  • Author template parallax style (full / half)
  • Author template layout style (one / two)
  • Author template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Author template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Author template with four column
  • Author template with left sidebar
  • Author template with right sidebar
  • Author template without sidebar
  • Author template sidebar list
  • Author template post date on/off
  • Author template post author on/off
  • Author template post category on/off
  • Author template content limit
  • Author template list style
  • Author template social sharing option

Blog Archive Options

  • Archive template transparent header
  • Archive template title
  • Archive template title style (full/half)
  • Archive template custom title
  • Archive template subtitle
  • Archive template short note
  • Archive template title background (image/color/none)
  • Archive template parallax style (full / half)
  • Archive template layout style (one / two)
  • Archive template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Archive template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Archive template with four column
  • Archive template with left sidebar
  • Archive template with right sidebar
  • Archive template without sidebar
  • Archive template sidebar list
  • Archive template post date on/off
  • Archive template post author on/off
  • Archive template post category on/off
  • Archive template content limit
  • Archive template list style
  • Archive template social sharing option

Blog Category Options

  • Category template transparent header
  • Category template title
  • Category template title style (full/half)
  • Category template custom title
  • Category template subtitle
  • Category template short note
  • Category template title background (image/color/none)
  • Category template parallax style (full / half)
  • Category template layout style (one / two)
  • Category template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Category template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Category template with four column
  • Category template with left sidebar
  • Category template with right sidebar
  • Category template without sidebar
  • Category template sidebar list
  • Category template post date on/off
  • Category template post author on/off
  • Category template post category on/off
  • Category template content limit
  • Category template list style
  • Category template social sharing option

Blog Search Options

  • Search template transparent header
  • Search template title
  • Search template title style (full/half)
  • Search template custom title
  • Search template subtitle
  • Search template short note
  • Search template title background (image/color/none)
  • Search template parallax style (full / half)
  • Search template layout style (one / two)
  • Search template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Search template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Search template with four column
  • Search template with left sidebar
  • Search template with right sidebar
  • Search template without sidebar
  • Search template sidebar list
  • Search template post date on/off
  • Search template post author on/off
  • Search template post category on/off
  • Search template content limit
  • Search template list style
  • Search template social sharing option

Blog Tag Options

  • Tag template transparent header
  • Tag template title
  • Tag template title style (full/half)
  • Tag template custom title
  • Tag template subtitle
  • Tag template short note
  • Tag template title background (image/color/none)
  • Tag template parallax style (full / half)
  • Tag template layout style (one / two)
  • Tag template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Tag template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Tag template with four column
  • Tag template with left sidebar
  • Tag template with right sidebar
  • Tag template without sidebar
  • Tag template sidebar list
  • Tag template post date on/off
  • Tag template post author on/off
  • Tag template post category on/off
  • Tag template content limit
  • Tag template list style
  • Tag template social sharing option

Post Detail Options

  • Post detail sidebar list
  • Post detail left sidebar
  • Post detail right sidebar
  • Post detail without sidebar
  • Post detail social media sharing
  • Post detail author on/off
  • Post detail date on/off
  • Post detail comment count on/off
  • Post detail category on/off
  • Post detail tags on/off
  • Post detail blockquote background image
  • Post detail author profile on/off
  • Post detail author profile title
  • Post detail author profile background image
  • Post detail author profile image on/off
  • Post detail comment settings on/off
  • Post detail comment title
  • Post detail comments background image
  • Post detail comment form settings on/off
  • Post detail comment form title
  • Post detail commetn description

404 Page Options

  • 404 transparent header on/off
  • 404 dark/light option
  • 404 page background image
  • 404 page background color
  • 404 page background transparent
  • 404 page description
  • 404 page search form on/off
  • 404 page search form title
  • 404 page search form description
  • 404 page suggestions points on/off
  • 404 page suggestions point title
  • 404 page suggestions point icon
  • 404 page unlimited suggestions generator

Event Managment

  • Event organizer name option
  • Event organizer email option
  • Event organizer contact option
  • Event start date option
  • Event start time option
  • Event end date option
  • Event end time option
  • Event location with live search option
  • Event reservation settings

Event Detail Options

  • Event detail sidebar list
  • Event detail left sidebar
  • Event detail right sidebar
  • Event detail without sidebar
  • Event detail social media sharing
  • Event detail author on/off
  • Event detail date on/off
  • Event detail comment count on/off
  • Event detail category on/off
  • Event detail tags on/off
  • Event detail blockquote background image
  • Event detail author profile on/off
  • Event detail author profile title
  • Event detail author profile background image
  • Event detail author profile image on/off
  • Event detail comment settings on/off
  • Event detail comment title
  • Event detail comments background image
  • Event detail comment form settings on/off
  • Event detail comment form title
  • Event detail commetn description

Event Category Options

  • Event category template transparent header
  • Event category template title
  • Event category template title style (full/half)
  • Event category template custom title
  • Event category template subtitle
  • Event category template short note
  • Event category template title background (image/color/none)
  • Event category template parallax style (full / healf)
  • Event category template layout style (one / two)
  • Event category template with two column (left/right sidebar)
  • Event category template with three column (left/right sidebar)
  • Event category template with four column
  • Event category template with left sidebar
  • Event category template with right sidebar
  • Event category template without sidebar
  • Event category template sidebar list
  • Event category template post date on/off
  • Event category template post author on/off
  • Event category template post category on/off
  • Event category template content limit
  • Event category template list style
  • Event category template social sharing option

Site Mantainance Options

  • Alert template on/off
  • Alert page logo option
  • Alert page dark/light option
  • Alert page background image
  • Alert page background color
  • Alert page background transparent
  • Alert page title
  • Alert page description
  • Alert page time (hour, minute)
  • Alert page time zone
  • Alert page newsletter on/off
  • Alert newsletter title
  • Alert newsletter subtitle
  • Alert form list
  • Alert page copyright footer on/off

Typography Options

  • Google Fonts For H1
  • Google Fonts For H2
  • Google Fonts For H3
  • Google Fonts For H4
  • Google Fonts For H5
  • Google Fonts For H6
  • Google Fonts For Body content
  • Typekit fonts option
  • Custom fonts upload system

Page & Post Custom Meta Options

  • Meta title on/off option
  • Meta title style (half/full)
  • Meta title option
  • Meta subtitle option
  • Meta shortnote option
  • Meta title background option
  • Meta title background color option
  • Meta title image (full/half) option
  • Meta sidebar on/off option
  • Meta transparent header on/off option
  • Meta sticky header on/off option

Core Features

  • Revolution slider
  • Visual composer
  • Mailchip for wordpress support
  • WPML full support
  • WordPress multi site support
  • Newsletter & audio shortcode
  • Unlimited team member generator shortcode
  • Parallax banner with ticket booking
  • Upcoming event with countdown & image
  • Event massonry gallery
  • Event text banner with video popup
  • Event price with detail button
  • Event sponsors shortcode
  • Become a sponsor shortcode
  • Event funfact with coundown shortcode
  • Video featured area shortcode
  • Kenburn effact featured shortcode
  • Text slider featured shortcode
  • Event calendar shortcode
  • Massonry gallery with tab
  • Blog grid shortcode
  • Parallax banner with services
  • Parallax banner with upcoming event
  • Parallax banner with event price & button
  • Parallax banner with blog post
  • Parallax banner with sponsors
  • Bride groom shortcode with image
  • Event listing shortcode
  • Blog full section post shortcode
  • Upcoming event with featured area
  • Gallery with image
  • Gallery with vimeo videos
  • Gallery with youtube videos
  • Gallery with image & videos
  • Gallery 2 column with tab option
  • Gallery 2 column with tab & left sidebar
  • Gallery 2 column with tab & right sidebar
  • Gallery 3 column with tab option
  • Gallery 4 column with tab option
  • Gallery 6 column with tab option
  • Blog detail 10 styles
  • Blog with video
  • Blog with gallery
  • Blog with own audio
  • Blog with soundcolud audio
  • Blog with quote
  • Upcoming event page
  • Event style one page
  • Event style two page
  • Event style three page
  • Event speakers page
  • 404 page
  • Event schedule page
  • Event packages page
  • About page
  • Google map widget
  • Contact form widget
  • About us widget
  • Gallery post type
  • Sponsor post type
  • Event post type
  • Video banner widget
  • Flickr feeds widget
  • WordPress default widgets
  • 29 crazyhour theme shortcode
  • 12 wordpress shortcode
  • 3 structure shortcode
  • 4 social media shortcode
  • 33 content shortcode


Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.3

      New - Add Gray & White option in the page meta
      New - Apply the code field type on responsive style settings
      New - WP Optimizer plugin recommended in this version
      New - bbpress plugin compatiblity support in this version
      Improvment - Gallery single masonry script improved
      Improvment - Remove the post editor from gallery post
      Fixes - Event ticket shortocde button issue fixed
      Fixes - Google map api key development link added in theme options
      Fixes - Default template page title issue fixed
      Fixes - Gallery shortcode title issue fixed
      Fixes - Event single page title issue fixed
      Fixes - Post detail page title issue fixed
      Fixes - SSL issues fixed

Version 1.2

      New - Added masonry option for gallery detail page
      New - Added smooth scroll to comment section in post detail page
      New - Added more advanced option for blockqoute background section
      New - Added new option for transparent header background
      New - Added new fields for google analytic tracking
      New - Icon added for Language option tab
      New - Added Responsive Style Settings tab for custom style for responsive devices
      New - Added new options for event detail boxes background image settings
      Improvements - Transparent header options improved
      Improvements - Sidebar meta options improved in post/page meta settings
      Improvements - Blockqoute post format options improved
      Fixes - Footer widget display issue fixed on theme activation
      Fixes - Blockqoute styling issues fixed without background image
      Fixes - Admin login bar issue fixed
      Fixes - Post meta hover issue fixed on post detail page
      Fixes - Spelling mistakes issues fixed for user profile role description
      Fixes - Styling issues fixed for reply comment link
      Fixes - Pattern image issue fixed for boxed version
      Fixes - Style fixes for language settings tab

Version 1.1

      New - Added new option to change currency throughout the site
      New - Added new to change event details boxes background image