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PlusAgency – Multipurpose Website CMS / Business CMS


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Short Description

PlusAgency – Multipurpose Website CMS & Business Agency Management System is a business website CMS (Content Management System). This CMS can be used for multipurpose business such as gym / fitness, restaurant, cleaning service, construction, industry / factory, chemical, company / personal / agency / freelancer portfolio , software / IT company / lawyer, logistic, online course, charity, ecommerce, event ticket management, internet hosting provide / ISP and many more. There are lots of themes & home page designs available here to suit any business

PlusAgency has superpowerful Drag & Drop Page builder / Site builder which has lots of pre-designed sections, plugins, blocks, Advanced image editor etc… . Using the Page builder / site builder , you can create any home page / custom pages in few minutes. No coding required.

It also offers lots of other cool features along side CMS features like – ecommerce, digital product sell, course, knowledgebase, support ticket, event, donation, recurring billing / subscription etc…

Overally , you can create any type of business website with ease in minutes with our lots of appealing theme, home designs & features


PlusAgency Tutotials: Tutorials

[More videos available in the documentation]

Page Builder Videos: Page Builder / Site Builder Videos

PlusAgency - Multipurpose Website CMS / Business CMS - 1

PlusAgency - Multipurpose Website CMS / Business CMS - 2



Please visit this page https://kreativdev.freshdesk.com & click on ‘New Support Ticket’ to create a support ticket.
You can also login & then create a ‘New Support Ticket’.
We will respond to your ticket once we are available for support.

Custom Project / Customnization Work / Feature Suggestions / Presale Questions

If you have any Custom Project / Customnization Work / Feature Suggestions / Presale Questions, then please feel free to mail us at [email protected]. We will be very happy to implement your feature.

Server Requirements

Built with Laravel 9.x

– PHP >= 8.0
– BCMath PHP Extension
– Ctype PHP Extension
– Fileinfo PHP Extension
– JSON PHP Extension
– Mbstring PHP Extension
– OpenSSL PHP Extension
– PDO PHP Extension
– Tokenizer PHP Extension
– XML PHP Extension
– Fileinfo Extension
– GMP Extension
– Exif Extension


Version 3.3 – Released on 19th September, 2023

Upgraded Laravel version to 9.x
Upgraded all the composer third party packages 
Added PHP 8.x support
Token-based secured checkout implemented for Stripe

Version 3.2 – Released on 14th December, 2021

Upgraded to Latest Laravel Version (Laravel - 8 )
Ecommerce Theme Added
Ecommerce Theme Added in Page Builder
Announcement Popup Resposive issue fixed
Paystack issue fixed
Maintenance Mode System Updated
File Manager Issues Fixed
Fixed Many Untracked Issues

Version 3.1 – Released on 2nd May, 2021

Page Builder sections are now auto changable
Home Page - Page Builder enable / disable option
Custom Page - Page Builder enable / disable option
Push Notification added (visitors will receive notification sent by Admin, even after their browser is closed)
Advanced File Manager Added in Admin Panel
Megamnu Builder Added for services, products, portfolios, courses, causes, events, blogs
Popup builder added of 7 unique designs (subscribe form, countdown, image, texts etc...)
Permalinks update option added
Catalog mode enable / disable option added for prodcts
Whatsapp Chat button added
Email Template customization feature added
Client Feedback page added
Category enable / disable option for Services
Category option added for FAQ
Category enable / disable option for FAQ
Category option added for Gallery
Category enable / disable option for Gallery
Category option added for Packages
Category enable / disable option for Packages
Masonry added in portfolio page to improve category navigation
Website link added & start, end date are made option for portfolio
Report generate & export feature added for product orders
Report generate & export feature added for event bookings
Report generate & export feature added for donations
Report generate & export feature added for course enrollments
Report generate & export feature added for package orders
Rating enable / disable option added for course
Registered users - Email verification enable/ disable option added in Admin Panel
Registered users - password change option added in Admin Panel
Registered users - delete option added in Admin Panel
Registered users - search option added in Admin Panel
Subscriber delete option added in Admin Panel
Subscribers search option added in Admin Panel
Multiple phones, emails, addresses can be added by Admin now
ID removed for URLs of custom pages, portfolios, services, products etc...
Search option added for Admin Panel menus
Admin panel navigation improved
Search filters added for products, causes, events, services, portfolios, gallery, faq etc... in Admin Panel
svg image support added in many places
Fixed: some multi lingual issue
Fixed: receipt not saving after product checkout via offline gateways
Fixed: Contact page map 
Fixed: Permission issues 
Fixed: sticky navbar issue for car theme
Fixed: Sliders Autoplay

Version 3.0 – Released on 28th February, 2021

  • Drag & Drop Custom Page builder
  • Drag & Drop Home Page builder
  • 104 pre-designed sections, plugins, Advanced image editor added in Pagebuilder
  • Free / Premium Course Selling system added
  • Recurrent Billing / Package Subscription Added
  • Recurrent Billing / Package Subscription request system added for offline gateway payments
  • Digital Product Selling Added
  • Event Ticket Selling system added
  • Donation System Added
  • Knowledgebase Added
  • Coupon system added
  • Tax system added
  • Facebook, Google Login Added
  • Auth / guest checkout for product, donation, event, course, package order. Admin can enable / disable it
  • Admin can provide redirect links for pricing plans
  • Unlimited file attachments can be added via Form Builder for package / subscription order & quote reuqest
  • Datepicket & Timepicker fields added in Form Builder of Package / Subscription order & Quote Request Form
  • Preloader change option added, it can be enabled / disabled
  • IP Address exclusion system added for maintenance mode
  • Enable / Disable rating system added
  • Improved product order invoice
  • Dropdown menu added at top right corner for user dashboard
  • Cart Icon with cart length number added
  • Blog Details page sidebar enable / disable system added
  • Service Details page sidebar enable / disable system added
  • Fixed some issues
  • Opmized & refactored code
  • Lazy load added for images
  • Organized Admin Panel Navigation
  • Redesigned User Dashboard Page

Version 2.7 – Released on 16th August, 2020

  • Added PayTm Payment Gateway
  • Added Instamojo Payment Gateway
  • Added Razorpay Payment Gateway
  • Added Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • Added Paystack Payment Gateway
  • Added Mercado Pago Payment Gateway
  • Added Mollie Payment Gateway
  • Added Offline / Manual Payment Gateway / Bank Transfer
  • Admin can enable / disable receipt image for Offline payments
  • Admin can create unlimited Offline Payment Gateways
  • Unimited currency support
  • Currency left / right position settings
  • See more link added for service category summary, approach section points, service summary, footer text
  • Fixed Summernote image upload issue
  • Blog category slug added in URL for SEO
  • Fixed permission issue
  • Removed repeatable code & made it more managable
  • Fixed ‘sort by’ dropdown issue in search page

Version 2.6.1 – Released on 21st July, 2020

  • Fixed installer & updater issues (Those who have already installed or updated to 2.6, doesn’t require to update to 2.6.1)

Version 2.6 – Released on 17th July, 2020

  • 15 new themes added
  • 90 new home versions
  • Shop Page, cart, checkout
  • Product review system
  • Orders management in client & Admin panel
  • Support ticket system added
  • Ticket management in Admin & client panel
  • Ticket can be assigned to another staff
  • Drag & drop menu builder
  • Unlimited nested menus
  • Paypal & Stripe payment gateways integrated during package order & products
  • Customers management in Admin panel
  • Products management in Admin panel
  • Shippig methods with charges management in Admin panel
  • Sitemap generator
  • RSS feeds
  • Email SMTP setup
  • Invoice generate & send via mail after package order & product purchase
  • Services, portfolios, pricing tables, service categories, team members can now
    be make featured by Admin
  • Package order confrmation page which contains order details, client details,
    package details
  • Package order option can be enabled / disabled by Admin
  • Service details page can be enabled / disabled by Admin
  • Service summary field added
  • Overlay color change option from Admin
  • font-size, line-height added in text editor
  • font-size for hero hection texts
  • & many untracked changes

Version 2.5 – Released on 26th March, 2020

  • Added Event Calendar to show events in website calendar
  • Added Bulk Delete for services, portfolios, categories, blogs etc… in Admin Panel
  • Added order number for services, portfolios, categories, blogs etc… in Admin Panel
  • Added SEO information update option for all pages seperatedly
  • Changed text editor to summernote
  • Added Imggur API to store summernote images
  • Added Facebook Pexel
  • Added Admin Forget Password
  • Added Admin Username Change
  • Added Video Tutorials in documentation
  • Added Updater so that you dont have to loose datas, language files from next releases.
  • & many untracked changes

Version 2.4.1 – Released on 8th February, 2020

  • Added secondary base color change option
  • Added color option for features
  • Loader disabled after pressing cancel in delete confimation modal
  • Back button issue solved in service category page

Version 2.40 – Released on 4th February, 2020

  • Fully Multilingual with Page Contents
  • RTL support for Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew etc… languages
  • Form Builder for Quote Order & Package Order forms
  • Career page added where company can post jobs
  • loader added while submitting forms in admin panel
  • delete option in quote & package orders in admin panel

Version 2.30 – Released on 12th November, 2019

  • Pricing Tables
  • Order Management in Admin
  • Cookie Alert
  • Appzi Feedback Plugin Integration
  • AddThis Social Plugin Integration
  • Announcement / Offer Banner for Business
  • Page Visibility Management
  • Home Page Sections Management
  • Email Notification After Order Placed
  • Database Backup from Admin
  • Cache Clear from Admin
  • Maintainance Mode of Website
  • Cookie Alert

Version 2.20 – Released on 22nd October, 2019

  • Added 6 Types of Home Versions – Slider, Static, Video, Parallax, Water, Particles.
  • Added Google Recaptcha in Quote & Contact Form
  • Added Statistics Section in Home Page

Version 2.0 – Released on 13th October, 2019

  • Multiple Language Settings added
  • User Role Permissions management added
  • SEO Settings added

Version 1.2.1 – Released on 1st October, 2019

  • Fixed a small issue in our script

Version 1.2 – Released on 27th September, 2019

  • Added Gallery page
  • Added Team Members page
  • Added intro video in Home page intro section
  • Added image popup system in portfolio details page

Version 1.1 – Released on 23rd September, 2019

  • Added megamenu in navbar for services
  • Added slides for team & blog section
  • Added navigation arrow in partners slider