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DOKANS – Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform (SAAS)


Envato Market Sale

Dokans is a multitenancy-based eCommerce platform similar to Shopify business modules customers can create e-commerce within 5 minutes. This script support subdomain and custom domain for e-commerce. Anyone can build any kind of e-commerce site using this script. Customers can sell physical products and digital products and change the UI theme easily. We integrated 4 e-commerce themes with RTL mode and added 8+ payment getaways. All payment Getaways support sandbox mode and live mode and fully securely. This script included 2 click site installer to install the script without any technical knowledge.

Demo Access:

Frontend: https://dokans.online

Admin Login:

Admin Access: https://dokans.online/login

Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin


Theme 1:

Frontend: https://bigbag.dokans.online

Seller Login:

Admin Access: https://bigbag.dokans.online/login

Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin

Theme 2:

Frontend: https://saka-cart.dokans.online/

Seller Login:

Admin Access: https://saka-cart.dokans.online/login

Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin

Theme 3:

Frontend: https://bazar.dokans.online

Seller Login:

Admin Access: https://bazar.dokans.online/login

Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin

Theme 4:

Frontend: https://arafa-cart.dokans.online

Seller Login:

Admin Access: https://arafa-cart.dokans.online/login

Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin


Payment Gateways:

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe
  3. Paystack
  4. Razorpay
  5. Instamojo
  6. Mollie
  7. Toyyibpay
  8. Mercadopago
  9. Cash On Delivery

Seller Features:

  1. Domain Management
  2. 7+ payment getaway (Paypal, Stripe, Paystack, Razorpay, Instamojo, Mollie, Toyyibpay, Mercadopago,Cash On Delivery)
  3. All Payment Getaways Sandbox mode and production mode supported.
  4. Seller can add own credentials for his/her customer can pay directly to the seller.
  5. Seller can sell physical and digital product.
  6. Seller can create express checkout URL 
  7. Facebook pixel support
  8. Google tag manager
  9. Google Analytics page view
  10. Stock management
  11. WhatsApp API
  12. WhatsApp Order Notification
  13. Email Order Notification
  14. Multi-Level Customer (Seller to customer)
  15. Seller Can Directly be logged in to customer panel
  16. Seller Can Suspend The Customer
  17. Order Invoice
  18. Orders Report
  19. Seller Can Create Order From Sellerend
  20. Storage Limit Checker
  21. Awsome Dashboard
  22. Coupon 
  23. Banner Ads
  24. Drag And Drop Menu Builder
  25. Ajax Based Data Load
  26. All Themes are highly optimized
  27. Fully Seo Friendly
  28. Seo Friendly Url
  29. Review Ratings
  30. Customer Report
  31. Order Report
  32. Transaction Report
  33. Seller can set own custom theme color
  34. Inventory / stock management
  35. Multi Attributes supported
  36. Attribute Based Pricing Calculation supported
  37. Custom Shipping Class
  38. Custom shipping zone based shipping price
  39. Multi language support
  40. Sitemap
  41. RTL Seller Panel
  42. And many more……. 

Admin Features:

  1. SAAS Based Ecommerce Platform
  2. Admin Can create edit delete subscription plan
  3. Earning report
  4. Site Analytics
  5. Order Report
  6. Full Domain Control
  7. Customize Cron Jobs
  8. Automatically notify via email to the seller before expiring subscription plan (7 days default)
  9. Example theme boilerplate included for developers
  10. Theme Upload Option and delete option
  11. Multi language support
  12. Fully Seo Friendly 
  13. Marketing tools (Facebook pixel/Google analytics)
  14. Queue Mail Enabled disable (transactional email)
  15. Role based multi admin
  16. Admin can check customer storage limit
  17. Admin can create order for seller
  18. Admin Can suspend the seller
  19. Admin can directly contact with seller from seller profile via email
  20. and many more…..

How work DOKANS

DOKANS - Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform (SAAS) - 1

Note: Please don’t use CodeCanyon Comments for support requests as that’s not what they’re designed for. Create item support request from the item support section. This will make our life easier. All of our items come with an Envato license. we code each line by maintaining security, if you use an unauthorized version and face any issues/errors or face any security issues then we are not responsible for that. before purchase, pls check our demo, you will found the same as our demo has. Thank you in advance!


1.Do you offer free installation service?
Sorry we don’t give free installation service.

2.do you provide customization support ?
Sorry we don’t provide

3.How can I add more templates?
We used laravel for the theme any laravel developer can create the theme easily. we added a boilerplate for the startup.

4.Do you integrate local payment getaway?
Yes we integrate local payment getaways.

5.is multi language working with content based?
its working with static text and menu contents.
5.can i install the script multiple time for multiple site?
According to envato licanse policy you can use one site for main script you can’t install multiple site useing one license key but your SAAS customer can create site .
6. I want to upgrade my regular license to extended license can I get refund for regular license?
Yes, if you have purchased the regular license and you have to upgrade the license within 1/2 days.

Extended License


Update logs

Minor Fix Update
Security Update
Dependency Update
RTL Added For Main Site
RTL Added For Admin Panel
RTL Added For Seller Panel
RTL Added For All Store Themes
Sitemap added for store
4 dummy store added with store content
Custom error page added
Product Import modules improved
Some security issue fix
Domain Registration page object issue fix
Seo Modules improved 
Cron Job Modules  improved
Subscription modules improved
Documentation update
Custom domain request redirect issue fix for who have installed v3.0 after 9-sep-2021
installer issue fix (v3)
v3.0 (core update)
QR Code added.
Automatic store approval. 
Custom Domain Request modules.
Custom Domain DNS verification. 
Custom Domain request approval modules added for admin.
Registration with a free trial.
Trial alert notice in the seller dashboard. 
Subscription expires notice in the seller dashboard. 
After Expire subscription store automatically disable. 
Seller Support modules.
Custom CSS modules for the sellers.
Custom Js modules for sellers.
Subscription modules changes.
Cron job modules changed.
E-mail template changed for subscription alert.
Custom CSS js added for the main site.
Dynamic theme color added for main site.
Category issue fix
minor issue fix 
(www)  error fix for custom domain
v2.5 (for v2.0)
PWA added
Automatic Subdomain System Added
Whatsapp Order Notification Added
Some Minor Bug Fix
Added Customer  Separate Table
Added Google Recaptcha
Added Customer Plan Enrolled Information Edit for admin
Optimized site performance speed
Added DB Transaction modules for orders and plan enroll 
Inventory system updated for seller
frontend theme update
Minor issue fix for add cart
Minor issue fix
Minor issue fix
Decimal pricing issue fix
Free plan system added
Multilevel user registration turn off/on added

Paystack redirection fix  for merchantend 
Order Session Fix
Marketing tools action added for the main site
Tutorial added for Linux server 
v1.0.0 initial release