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Web2App for IOS – Quickest Feature-Rich IOS Webview


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Web2App for IOS - Quickest Feature-Rich IOS Webview - 1

Why Web2App?

Web2App is simply the easiest way to convert your Website into a real IOS app. In addition, we offer great features like tabs, the drawer, build-in Advertisements, notifications and easy customization and styling options.

  • Just easier
    First app? No problem. We offer a great documentation to get your started!
  • Completely customizeable
    In addition to our default customization options. WebToApp’s has a complete open source code, this way you can customize and add everything you want.
  • Premium support
    If you can not find your answer in the Documentation or our Community FAQ, we will be there for personal support.
  • Features

  • Great customization
    Choose your favorite theme color and combine it it with one of our many layout options. It’s our most customizable template ever.
  • Tab bar & Darwer
    Optionally use tabs or the drawer to add all your webpages to your WebView App.
  • Hide-able Navigation bar
    More screen space with the hide-able bars. This familiar navigation pattern can also be seen in Safari. Scroll down to hide the toolbar and scroll up to show it!
  • Pull-to-refresh
    Choose to refresh your pages with just a swipe gesture. You can also use this stylish layout to indicate page loading.
  • Push notifications with OneSignal
    Notify your users about new content with push notifications from OneSignal, you will get unlimited notifications!
  • Admob
    Monetize your app in seconds. Show banner ads throughout your app. Also supports interstitials shown during navigation on a configurable interval.
  • In-app purchases
    Let your users unlock additional web pages and remove ads (requires Extended license).
  • Offline WebPagesLoad offline webpages from assets, great for apps based on Ionic, Cordova or other native web frameworks.
  • HTML5
    We use the same web engine as Safari.
  • Integrated social features
    Optionally enable sharing from within the toolbar.
  • iPad & iPhone support for all orientations
    Supporting all IOS devices in all orientations
  • No internet connection dialog
    Show a screen that will inform the user in case there is no internet connection available.
  • Design kept in mind
    We made this template according to the default IOS styles, resulting in a familiar and modern UI.
  • Compatibility

    This template supports IOS11 and up. The latest version of XCode is needed for setup. Features of Web2App for IOS may differ from Web2App for Android. A mobile optimized website or webpage is required.

    Questions & Support

    If you have any questions regarding this template, you can always ask your question in the comments section.

    Can I run this on Windows? Compiling the template requires the latest version of XCode, which can only run on MacOS. However, you can install MacOS on your machine as a dual boot or in a virtual machine. Alternative, you can use a service like like MacInCloud to run MacOS and Xcode from the cloud. And finally, you can consider hiring to compile the template for you, you can hire us or hire someone elsewhere.

    Need support? Go to our Support Center.

    Will my app be accepted by Apple?
    Please see this article

    Web2App for IOS - Quickest Feature-Rich IOS Webview - 2


    - Hiding NAvigationbar fixes
    - IOS 14 IDFA support
    - Inline media playback
    - GDPR support (privacy screen)
    - TabBar will match theme colour unless in light theme is enabled
    - Option to disable navigation in navigationbar
    - Bugfixes and library updates
    - Rewritten in Swift
    - Interstitials when browsing webpages
    - Swipe to go back / forward
    - More options to define which urls should open in browser.
    - XCode 11 and IOS 13 support. Improved iPhone X series Support
    - Bugfixes and performance optimisations
    - Performance and stability improvements
    - Added drawer and replaced sliding pager for bottom tabs.
    - In-app purchases
    - Iphone X support
    - Support for icons for drawer & tabs
    - Added interstitial ads
    - Dynamic configurations (load configuration from url)
    - Migrated navigation elements (share, previous, next) to top bar
    - Bugfixes and performance improvements
    - Removed mixpanel and iAd libraries.
    - WKWebView
    - Added OneSignal support
    - App urls are loaded outside the webview
    - Option to open 'target blank' urls in safari
    - Option to disable pull to refresh
    - Cookies are stored between launches
    Initial version
    Icons used in the Demo and Promotional Images are retrieved from icons8.com and are not distributed with the template.