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ThemeKit – Bootstrap Admin Theme Kit


ThemeKit – Multiple Responsive Bootstrap Themes

With ThemeKit you get not only a theme, but multiple premium HTML themes refined for various niches, with specialized industry features and a vast UI framework developed for sustaining your projects on the long run.

ThemeKit is built on top of Bootstrap – the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

ThemeKit includes 319 HTML pages and a massive number of features and UI components.

ThemeKit is fully responsive and adapts seamlessly to any screen size and device and is built to support at least the last 4 versions of every modern browser.

RTL Support

Right To Left Bootstrap Theme

ThemeKit is compatible with any RTL (right to left) language such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, Yiddish, etc. ThemeKit includes five dedicated RTL modules for the Admin theme, Music theme and all three Social themes.

HTML & AngularJS boilerplate

Angular Admin Template

Besides HTML, ThemeKit also includes an AngularJS starter boilerplate

Note: The Real Estate Template can be purchased separately for $17 with HTML, AngularJS & RTL modules.

ThemeKit is built with the latest tools and technologies available for front-end development, including Grunt for task automation, Bower for assets and plugin management, Swig for HTML templating, BrowserSync as a web server capable to synchronize multiple browsers and preview changes live in the browser and much more.

ThemeKit includes the full environment and all the tools we use for the development of ThemeKit and enables you to adopt the same modern workflow and techniques.

Once you purchased ThemeKit, you are entitled to get all the future updates with no additional cost.

ThemeKit - Themes

Real Estate App & Website Theme

Premium Real Estate Application & Website with highly customised maps, layouts, pages and specialized features.

Real Estate Template

Real Estate App pages:

  1. Full screen map listing – view
  2. Map listing – list – view
  3. Map listing – grid – view
  4. Listing – list – view
  5. Listing – grid – view
  6. Listing – map – view
  7. Map + property – view
  8. Property details – view
  9. Add property – view

Real Estate Website pages:

  1. Home page with cover slider – view
  2. Home page with map – view

Music App & Website Theme

The music theme you’ll love. Built for music enthusiasts, with many specialized features for the music industry.

Music Theme Template

The Bootstrap Music Theme includes the following pages:

  1. Music home page – view
  2. Discover music / Albums listing – view
  3. Album details – view
  4. Players – view
  5. Gallery – view

Bootstrap Admin Theme

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Panel and UI for management apps & websites. Includes beautiful charting tools for reporting and many other features for business.

Admin Dashboard Theme

The Bootstrap Admin Panel Template includes the following pages:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Charts
  3. Email
  4. Chat
  5. Maps
  6. Media
  7. Tickets
  8. Appointments

Learning Website Theme

Learning skills on the web is becoming more natural and immersive by day. Our Learning Theme can help your new educational project inspire others today.

Learning Theme

  1. Learning Home page
  2. Survey
  3. Learning Course Library
  4. Learning Course details
  5. Tutors

Social Network Theme 1

Full–fledged Social Network Theme with specialized user interface and components such as Timelines, Covers, Profiles, Comments, Chat and many more.

Social Network Template

Social Network Theme 1 includes the following pages:

  1. Timeline – list
  2. Timeline – blocks
  3. Profile
  4. Users
  5. Messages
  6. Login

Social Network Theme 2

Just like the Social Theme 1, this new Social Network Theme presents all the features required by any Social Network Website with a refreshing new layout.

  1. Public Timeline
  2. Public About
  3. Public Friends
  4. Private Messages
  5. Private Profile
  6. Private Timeline
  7. Private Friends

Social Theme 3: Boxed Layout

With the same level of detail and features specially crafted for Social Networks, this Social Network Theme is wrapped with a new boxed layout.

  1. Public Timeline
  2. Public About
  3. Public Friends
  4. Private Messages
  5. Private Profile
  6. Private Timeline
  7. Private Friends

UI Framework

ThemeKit - UI Framework

With ThemeKit, you get a beautifully designed multi-purpose UI framework, with tons of features for customizing the looks and behaviour of your Theme – compatible with any of the Themes included.

ThemeKit - UI Kits

Essentials UI Kit

The Essentials KIT includes the must-have components for every website and represents the basics of the vast UI framework included with ThemeKit, organised into a single module.

Essential Kit

Essentials KIT includes the following elements:

  1. Buttons
  2. Icons
  3. Forms
  4. Tabs
  5. Tree Views
  6. Tables
  7. Progress
  8. Grid

Layout UI Kit

Get full control of the layout of your pages and easily create layouts from the most simple – fluid or boxed layouts – to the most advanced layouts with up to 6 sidebars on the same page and specially crafted layouts for complex web apps.

Multiple Layouts Kit

Layout KIT includes the following samples:

  1. Fluid – 1 sidebar
  2. Fluid – no sidebar
  3. Fluid – 2 sidebars
  4. Fluid – 3 sidebars
  5. Fluid – application layout
  6. Sidebar size 1
  7. Sidebar size 1 with reveal
  8. Sidebar size 2
  9. Sidebar size 3
  10. Percentage sidebar sizes
  11. Fixed – 1 sidebar
  12. Fixed – no sidebar
  13. Fixed – overlay sidebars (single toggle)
  14. Fixed – overlay sidebars (multiple toggle)
  15. Fixed – 2 inner sidebars
  16. Fixed – 3 inner sidebars
  17. Footer – simple
  18. Footer – menu

Sidebar UI Kit

The Sidebar KIT provides a large range of elements compatible for residing in any sidebar, starting with simple buttons, dropdown and collapsible menu types, to form elements, categories and custom widget areas.

Sidebar Elements Kit

Sidebar KIT includes the following samples:

  1. Sidebar blank
  2. Sidebar menus – collapse
  3. Sidebar menus – dropdown
  4. Sidebar tree views
  5. Sidebar list groups
  6. Sidebar tabs
  7. Sidebar UI elements
  8. Sidebar form components
  9. Sidebar profile
  10. Sidebar branding
  11. Sidebar transitions

Navbar UI Kit

The Navbar KIT provides a large range of elements compatible with any navbar component, starting with simple menus and dropdowns, to form elements, toggle buttons and other custom widget areas such as notifications, messages, files and more.

Navbar Elements Kit

Navbar elements:

  1. Navbar simple dropdowns
  2. Navbar hover dropdowns
  3. Navbar login dropdown form
  4. Navbar sign up dropdown form
  5. Navbar date picker
  6. Navbar notifications
  7. Navbar messages
  8. Navbar files
  9. Navbar user
  10. Navbar country flags
  11. Navbar toggle buttons
  12. Navbar simple top level menus
  13. Navbar top level buttons
  14. Navbar text branding
  15. Navbar text + image branding
  16. Navbar search 1
  17. Navbar search 2
  18. Navbar radio controls
  19. Navbar checkboxes
  20. Navbar checkbox switch button
  21. Navbar sliders

Navbar sizes:

  1. Small
  2. Medium (default)
  3. Large

Navbar skins:

  1. White (default)
  2. Primary color
  3. Dark
  4. Cover

Colors UI Kit

The Colors KIT introduces unexpected and vibrant colors, based on the Material Design Guideline from Google, inspired by bold color statements juxtaposed with muted environments, taking cues from contemporary architecture & many more.

Colors KIT


  1. This item offers an AngularJS starter boilerplate with routing and basic integration of our theme with AngularJS. It serves strictly as a starting point and it’s not a fully working AngularJS app
  2. Customising this item requires using node.js and advanced knowledge using build tools
  3. This item requires using a CSS preprocessor (Less)

Release History

Latest Version 4.0.0 – 01 June 2015view release notes

  • Updated libraries
  • Enhancements
  • Grunt Fixes
  • New Gulp Workflow
  • New Documentation
  • Other

Version 3.6.3 – 30 Jan 2015view release notes

  • Added Social #1 RTL
  • Added Social #2 RTL
  • Added Social #3 RTL
  • Added Music RTL
  • Improved Admin & Essential components
  • Added SASS
  • Improved Real Estate Theme
  • Library updates
  • Improved Grunt

Version 3.6.2 – 24 Jan 2015view release notes

  • Added Admin RTL version;
  • Added Admin AngularJS version;
  • Improved Admin Theme;
  • Improved Real Estate Theme;
  • Updated to latest Bootstrap 3.3.2 – All Themes
  • Improved UI Framework;
  • Bug Fixes;

Version 3.6.1 – 19 Jan 2015view release notes

  • Structural & Assets Improvements
  • Improved Admin Theme:

    • Improved sidebar
    • Added dashboard widgets
    • Added layout page samples
    • New Google Maps
    • Improved media gallery;
    • Added UI components
  • Improved Essentials Kit;
  • Improved Forms;
  • Added pricing tables;
  • Sidebar & chat improvements and fixes;

Version 3.6.0 – 9 Jan 2015view release notes

  • Added Real Estate Theme
  • Improved Sidebars & sidebar menus
  • Improved Navbars
  • Improved General UI Components
  • Improved Sidebar Kit
  • Improved Layout Kit
  • Improved Navbar Kit
  • Improved Colors Kit
  • Improved Grunt
  • Improved Music Theme

FIX RELEASE – 28 Dec 2014

  • This update includes an important fix for a bug affecting several modules in the latest version 3.5.0.
  • The issue was caused by an “exclude” entry within the _grunt.config.json file, essentially causing vendor-core.js to be omitted from several modules (essential, layout, sidebar, navbar, color), and it was also excluded from the vendor-bundle-all.js bundle, causing errors for missing 3rd party libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • The fixed update is available for download now.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience.

Version 3.5.0 – 28 Dec 2014view release notes

  • Added Music Theme
  • Added Essentials KIT
  • Improved Tabs
  • Improved Navbar
  • Improved Sidebars
  • Improved Forms
  • Improved Covers
  • New UI Components
  • General Improvements
  • Improved Social Themes
  • Improved Grunt
  • Improved Assets

Version 3.4.0 – 16 Dec 2014view release notes

  • Added new Admin Theme;
  • Added new UI / Framework modules;
  • Added new Colors KIT;
  • Improved Sidebars;
  • General UI Improvements;
  • Improved Chat;
  • Updated documentation

Version 3.3.0 – 25 Oct 2014 view release notes

  • Added NEW Learning Theme;
  • Navbar fixes;
  • Updated Documentation;

Version 3.2.0 – 22 Oct 2014view release notes

  • Added NEW Theme;
  • Improved chat;
  • Improved Navbar;
  • Fixed Navbar bugs;
  • Improved Development Suite;
  • Improved Grunt;
  • Refactored parts of the styling
  • New documentation

Version 3.1.0 – 18 Oct 2014view release notes

  • Added new theme;
  • Added skins;
  • Improved Development Suite;

Version 3.0.0 – 08 Oct 2014view release notes