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Suha – PWA Ecommerce Mobile


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Suha – PWA Ecommerce Mobile

A versatile mobile e-commerce shop template. It is very nicely designed with modern features & coded with the latest technology. Here are some core features of this template. Lots of features & layouts are in the demo. Explore now!

  • PWA Ready
  • Bootstrap 5.2.2
  • RTL & Dark Mode Included
  • Versatile e-commerce shop template
  • Nicely designed with modern features
  • Coded with the latest technology
  • 43+ necessary pages
  • Bug free code
  • Cross browser support
  • Multi step checkout
  • Notifications pages
  • Language pages
  • Password strength meter
  • Node package manager (npm)
  • Gulp 4
  • Sass
  • Pug
  • jQuery
  • Live chat message
  • Support page
  • Authentication pages
  • Unique design
  • Parallax effect
  • Google fonts
  • Easy to customize
  • Clean & 100% validate code
  • Privacy policy
  • Settings page
  • Add to cart notify
  • Real support
  • Night mode
  • Lots of new features coming soon

Note: All images are used only for preview purposes. These images are not available in the downloaded package.

Pre-buy FAQ:

Q. What kind of template is this?
A. Affan is an HTML5 mobile template. It also has a PWA feature and Dark and RTL modes.

Q. What will I get if I buy it?
A. All HTML files and everything else. However, images are not available in the downloaded package.

Q. What is PWA?
A. PWA is when your user visits your website, it will show a notification to add to the home screen. If the user adds by clicking on the Add Now button, then he can use it like native apps from the home screen of his mobile phone. Which will give your user a very good experience.

Q. What do I need to know to edit?
A. You don’t need to know anything special, you just need to know how to edit HTML files.

Q. So what is the function of NPM, Gulp, Pug, and SCSS?
A. NPM is the package manager. With it, you can easily manage all CSS and JS files. Gulp is a toolkit to automate & enhance your workflow. HTML code can be easily & efficiently written with Pug and CSS can be written easily & efficiently with SCSS.

Q. If I don’t know any of these, can’t I edit?
A. Yes, of course, you can. All you have to do is edit the HTML file.

Q. Is this a WordPress theme?
A. No.

Q. Is it native apps? Can it be offered in Play Store or Apple Store?
A. No. However, if you want to submit to Play Store or Apple Store, you need to convert to Native Apps.

Q. Can it be converted to native apps?
A. Yes.

Q. How many sites can I make by buying it for $24?
A. You can use it on a single domain with a single license.

Changelog (v3.0.1): October 9, 2022

     Updated: Bootstrap v5.2.0 > Bootstrap v5.2.2
     Fixed: Some Minor Issues

Changelog (v3.0): Jun 9, 2022

     Added: RTL Mode
     Updated: Bootstrap v5.1.3 > Bootstrap v5.2.0
     Updated: Design Quality
     Fixed: Some Minor Issues
     Updated: Documentation 1.1 > Documentation 1.2
     Updated: Third-Party Scripts

Changelog (v2.6.0): December 18, 2021

    Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.2 > Bootstrap v5.1.3

Changelog (v2.5.0): August 3, 2021

    New Added: Three(3) New Vendor Pages
    Updated: Design Quality
    Created: 'Static' Folder Under the Main Folder. This Folder Contains All Static Content (Like - CSS/JS/Images/Fonts)
    Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta2 > Bootstrap v5.0.2
    Updated: Owl Carousel 2.2.1 > Owl Carousel 2.3.4
    Updated: Documentation 1 > Documentation 1.1

Changelog (v2.4.0): March 22, 2021

    Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta1 > Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta2
    Fixed: Some Minor Issues

Change-log (v2.3.0): Feb 6, 2021

    Improved: Design Quality (Chat Page)
    Fixed: Some Minor Issues

Change-log (v2.2.0): Dec 25, 2020

    Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.0-alpha1 > Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta1
    Improved: Design Quality

Change-log (v2.1.0): August 9, 2020

    Added: CSS Autoprefixer in npm (Now no need to use SCSS mixins for CSS prefixes).
    Fixed: Some Minor Bugs
    Updated: Documentation

Change-log (v2.0): Jul 23, 2020

    New Added: Progressive Web App (PWA)
    Updated: Bootstrap 4.5.0 > Bootstrap 5.0.0-alpha1
    New Added: Dropdown Menu in the Sidebar Area
    Improved: Design Quality

Change-log (v1.6.0): Jul 9, 2020

    Fixed: Some Minor Bugs

Change-log (v1.5.0): 15 Jun 20

    New Added: About Us Page
    New Added: Contact Page
    New Added: OTP Page
    New Added: OTP Confirmation Page
    New Added: Featured Product Page
    Updated: Bootstrap 4.4.1 > Bootstrap 4.5.0
    Updated: Gulp 3.9.1 > Gulp 4
    Updated: LineIcons 1.0 > LineIcons 2.0
    Improved: Design Quality
    Fixed: Some Minor Issues