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Primer – Angular & React Material Design Admin Template


Primer is a creative material design admin template. It comes packaged with an Angular version and a React version with RTL support and light and dark colour schemes. With this, you get all you need to start working on your SAAS, CRM, CMS or dashboard based project.

Once you’ve purchased Primer please consider giving a 5 star rating, it helps in pushing out more updates and adding a lot more features.

Key Angular Features Include:

  • LTR/RTL Support
  • Angular 8
  • Angular 8 Material design
  • Light and Dark theme
  • AoT compilation
  • Fully responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Well documented (Both online and offline)
  • Easy to customise
  • Language translation
  • Git Repo available

Key React Features Include:

  • Material-UI
  • JSS styling
  • React Router
  • LTR/RTL Support
  • React
  • Material design
  • Light and Dark theme
  • Fully responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Well documented (Both online and offline)
  • Easy to customise


Git repo now available. To gain access simply get in touch via the profile page with your github username/email address.

- `4.2.0` (2019-09-26)
- Features
Update to angular-cli v8
Update to material 2 v8
Update to angular v8
Update packages
Remove angular tree component in favour of material 2 tree component
Use ng-material-multilevel-menu for sidebar menu

- Minimum Requirements After Update
angular-cli v8
angular v8
angular material 2 v8
Node 10+

- `4.1.0` (2018-09-22)
- Features
Add React version
Update to latest angular-cli
Update to latest material 2
Update packages
Remove rxjs-compact package

- `4.0.0` (2018-05-18)
- Features
Update to angular-cli v6
Update to material 2 v6 (Breaking changes)
Update to angular v6
Update packages
Remove angular tree component in favour of material 2 tree component
Update material 2 demos

- Minimum Requirements After Update
angular-cli v6
angular v6
angular material 2 v6
Node 8.9+
NPM 5.5.1+

 `3.1.1` (2018-03-22)
- Features
Update packages
Update to 5.0.0-beta.13 ( removes deprecated fxLayoutWrap - Breaking change )

- `3.1.0` (2018-01-24)
- Fixes
ie issue with sub menus being hidden some of the time

- Features
Splits admin-layout into seperate core components  (Breaking change)
  - header
  - sidebar
  - notification sidenav
  - menu
Remove the shared module  (Breaking change)
Remove the layouts folder  (Breaking change)
Update material2 demos
Use ngx-loading-bar component and remove pace plugin
Update to angular-cli 1.6.5
Update to material2 v5.1.0

- `3.0.0` (2017-11-18)
- Fixes
perfect-scrollbar issues on mobile
Remove /deep/ combinator
Mail and Chat page RTL layout issue fix

- Features
Use ngx-perfect-scrollbar component
Use ngx-leaflet component
Update to angular-cli 1.5
Update to material2 v5.0.0-rc0
Update to angular 5 (Breaking change)

- Minimum Requirements After Update
angular-cli v1.5
angular 5
angular material 2 v5.0.0-rc0

- `2.6.0` (2017-10-10)
- Fixes
Fix ie11 errors
Fix ngx-quill runtime error

- Features
Update to angular-cli 1.4.x
Add ngx-quill editor
Update to material2 beta 12 (Breaking change)
Remove deprecated md- prefixes (Breaking change)

- `2.5.0` (2017-08-18)
- Fixes
Fix ngx-datatables icon issue
Fix ng build issue

- Features
Update to angular-cli 1.3.x
Add ngx-quill editor
Remove deprecated MaterialModule (Breaking change)
Update ngx-translate http-loader (Breaking change)

- `2.4.0` (2017-07-19)
- Fixes
Fix scroll issue on route changes
Fix layout height issue for mobile landscape sizes
Fix searchbar height issue for mobile landscape sizes
Fix mail page extra scrollbar issue
Fix lint errors

- Features
Update to material 2 beta.8
Update to angular-cli 1.2.1
Add table component to demo

- `2.3.0` (2017-06-28)
- Fixes
Fix menu issue on tab press
Resize ecommerce pages image
Update material component demos
Chat page scrollbar overflow fix
Fix router events timing issue
Fix table-filter search value

- Features
Update ng2-translate to latest ngx-translate
Update to angular-cli 1.1.3
Add taskboard pages
Add expansion component to demo
Use expansion component for mail page
Migrate to material 2 typography

- `2.2.0` (2017-06-01)
- Fixes
fix ngx-datatable paging issue
fix sidenav submenu max-height croping issue

- Features
Add ecommerce pages
Update to angular material 2 beta 6

- `2.1.1` (2017-05-19)
- Fixes
fix perfect-scrollbar issue
move entry components from app.module.ts

- Misc
update to angular material 2 beta 5
Add material 2 datepicker demo

- `2.1.0` (2017-05-11)
- Fixes
fix md-select padding and margin issues
accordion state change on route change
fix map redraw issue for google maps  demo page
fix chat page toolbar alignment issue

- Misc
update google maps component (breaking change)
update to angular-cli 1.0.3

- Minimum Requirements After Update
angular-cli v1.0.3

- `2.0.0` (2017-04-10)
- Fixes
datatable vertical scroll height
datatable fullscreen width
Auth layout z-index issue
Minor angular 4 fixes
css theming imports fix (angular material 2 beta.3)
perfect-scrollbar layout fix (angular material 2 beta.3)

- Features
Update to angular-cli v1
Update to angular 4
Update to angular material 2 beta.3
Add chips demo

- Misc
change deprecated <template> to <ng-template>
change deprecated <md-progress-circle> to <md-progress-spinner>

- Minimum Requirements After Update
angular-cli v1
angular 4
angular material 2 beta.3

- `1.5.0` (2017-03-19)
- Fixes
general RTL bug fixes
fixes card-actions margins

- Features
Add collapse menu layout
Add compact menu layout
Add pricing tables

- `1.4.0` (2017-03-01)
- Fixes
md-select font sizing and padding
fix vertical scrollbars on some pages

- Breaking Changes
Upgrade to angular-cli RC0
refactor template specific .md-classes to .mat-*

- `1.3.0` (2017-02-20)
- Features
Added angular 2 material autocomplete example
Template now passes ng lint test

- Breaking Changes
Update to angular-cli 1.0.0.beta-32.3 (see official changelog, comes with a lot of scss changes)
Update to angular 2 material beta.2 (see official changelog)
Update to angular-calendar 0.7.2 (see calendar example files for all the changes made)
Refactored accordion directives to use attributes instead of css selectors. Files affected are admin/admin-layout.component.html and apps/mail/mail.component.html . 
  .accordion changed to appAccordion
  .accordion-toggle changed to appAccordionToggle
  .accordion-link changed to appAccordionLink

- Misc
Refactored all *.ts and *.html files so that `ng lint` passes (also makes a lot of changes to .ts files)
Fix errors thrown on ng test
Updated all other packages in package.json to their latest versions

- Updating
This update contains a number of breaking changes. The best way to update is to check your files against the commit log and make the necessary changes on your project files. If you don't have github access then get in touch via the themeforest profile page. Also refer to https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md and https://github.com/angular/material2/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md for further information.

- Minimum Requirements After Update
angular-cli 1.0.0.beta-32
node 6.9+

- `1.2.0` (2017-02-09)
- Features
Add boxed layout
Add custom scrollbars using perfect-scollbar plugin
Upgrade to latest angular-cli
Update packages in package.json

- `1.1.3` (2017-01-20)
- Bug Fixes
Fix android browser compatibility issue [package.json, polyfills.ts]

- Misc
Update package.json

Updating: Update your package.json and src/polyfills.ts files with the one from the update and then update your npm packages.

- `1.1.2` (2017-01-17)
- Bug Fixes
Fix some color issues in dark mode [scss]
Fix sidebar scrolling padding issue [scss]
Fix timeline page RTL layout [scss]

- Misc
Update package.json

Updating: Only scss changes in this update so you can go ahead and replace your assets/scss/ folder with the updated one.

- `1.1.1` (2017-01-09)
- Bug Fixes
Fix spacing bug in scss [scss]
Fix header spacing alignment [scss]

- Misc
Update package.json

- `1.1.0` (2017-01-03)
- Bug Fixes
Responsive layout fixes for fullcalendar 

- Features
Added dynamic menu

- Misc
Refactor responsive admin layout, calendar page and messages page
Add menu-items and fullscreen toggle directive to shared module
Moved admin-layout and auth-layout components to layout folder
Updated node packages
Minor code cleanup

- `1.0` (2017-01-03)
Initial release