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PHLY – Versatile Coming Soon Template



About PHLY

A fully flexible, customizable and responsive Coming Soon template that is sure to give your next project a boost!

PHLY is a versatile Coming Soon template, packed full of stunning designs and variants, that is ready to be adapted to any project. Built with your audience in mind, the PHLY template is designed to grab their attention and give them an enticing taste of what they can expect from your site, project or brand.

The fresh, modern designs range from monochrome cityscapes, corporate or agency style images, to dynamic liquid or bubble effects and abstract, animated backgrounds. You can incorporate a live countdown to your launch, or just some friendly, introductory text. You may even choose to include a map, so that your visitors know where to find you.

With more than 600 scalable vector icons, PHLY Coming Soon Template is fully customizable in seconds, so you can start showing visitors who you are before you even go live. You can also integrate an Ajax newsletter form, using MailChimp, to start growing a following and building momentum towards your launch.

Professionally built, with attention to detail and quality, PHLY Coming Soon Template stands out for its clean code and contemporary design. This fully responsive template is powered by the awesome Bootstrap 4 framework, so you can be sure that your Coming Soon page will look great and work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

PHLY is brought to you by an Elite author and comes with extensive documentation to help you get the most out of this powerful and versatile Coming Soon template. You also have 24/7 access to fast, friendly and personal customer service support.

I am always looking for ways to improve this template with regular updates, adding new variants and customizable features so that it works harder for you and your creative project. If there is a particular feature or customization that you would like to see, or if you would like to discuss a tailor-made version of this dynamic Coming Soon template, please get in touch and we can make it happen! This is just one of the reasons why PHLY Versatile Coming Soon Template is excellent value for money, and is already enjoyed by more than 3,000 happy customers. Will you be next?

You can remove the star effect on the left part very easily, actually these are just 3 short HTML lines to remove.

For the youtube variant, the player doesn’t work as background for devices (mobiles,tablets) due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript.
This product is a premium HTML template and not a WordPress plugin.

Updates :

25/10/2018 : 2 new variants added, Product launching, Enjoy!
16/11/2017 : 2 new variants added, Liquid effect, Enjoy!
23/06/2017 : 2 new variants added, Flash gradient, Enjoy!
25/01/2017 : 2 new variants added, Space slideshow, Enjoy!
23/09/2016 : 2 new variants added, Smooth bubbles, Enjoy!
06/06/2016 : 2 new variants added, Local video player, Enjoy!
11/05/2016 : 2 new variants added, Shooting Stars, Enjoy!
27/02/2016 : 2 new variants added, Flash colors, Enjoy!
11/02/2016 : 2 new variants added, Full Info design, Enjoy!
04/02/2016 : 2 new variants added, Rainbow Square animation, Enjoy!
28/01/2016 : 2 new variants added, Minimal Flat design, Enjoy!
21/01/2016 : 2 new variants added, Agency design, Enjoy!
14/01/2016 : 2 new variants added, Monochrome design, Enjoy!
08/01/2016 : 2 new variants added, Waterpipe Animation, Enjoy!
31/12/2015 : 2 new variants added, Fireworks Animation, Enjoy!
23/12/2015 : 2 new variants added, Bubble Animation, Enjoy!
16/12/2015 : 2 new variants added, Star Wars Animation, Enjoy!
09/12/2015 : 2 new variants added, Ken Burns Slideshow, Enjoy!
02/12/2015 : 2 new variants added, Realistic Rain, Enjoy!
26/11/2015 : 2 new variants added, Winter Animation, Enjoy!
20/11/2015 : 2 new variants added, Mozaïc Animation, Enjoy!
13/11/2015 : 4 new variants added, Constellation effect and Flat Surface Shader, Enjoy!
07/11/2015 : 2 new variants added, Animated gradient, Enjoy!


25/10/2018 : Bootstrap 4 added, FontAwesome 5.
17/11/2017 : Issue fixed : Anchor on mobile was no longer working.
In your main.js file, line 195 OR in your main-info.js file, line 127.
Replace this : $('body').animate({
By this : $('html, body').animate({
Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 : rain.min.js file updated, if you purchased the template before this date, please use this brand new file and add the new short script part at the end of your html.
19/12/2015 : Fixed scroll issue in the Star Wars variant. Adding of the CSS class #starfield

Credits :

  • The pictures are not provided in your download pack, you can easily find them on StockSnap.io