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Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template


Peach is a clean and smooth admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more. There is also the possibility for an optional sidebar. Due to the high amount of elements, this template will definitely cover all your needs. The slick template is built on HTML5 with CSS3 features powered by jQuery and modernizr.

Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 1
Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 2 Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 3
Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 4 Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 5

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Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 6


Good job with this one ! I was looking for a theme that had some special functions and yours has much more than i needed. Great job! […] – baloleanucornel

I thought grape was awesome, but you really stepped up your game with this one. Will be purchasing soon. […] – syndix

I spent like 8hrs working on it im shocked on how awesome it is. Very Very good job. – Xitude

[…] Besides the template being awesome, it’s extremely well commented and documented. […] A lot of thought went into this, and obviously a whole lot of work. But, that’s quite incidental to the fact that this is an awesome template that can be used to build extremely intuitive user interfaces. […] – tinkertim

Thank you for this awseome theme and hope You’ll make more like this one. – clubhitsro

[…] Finally, anyone who does not find this template to be awesome probably eats kittens for breakfast and drinks unicorn blood. – tinkertim


Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template - 7


  • Liquid and fixed layout
  • Highly customisable due to the high amount of elements
  • Clean and smooth user experience
  • Sidebar or full width
  • jQuery and jQuery UI powered
  • HTML5 and CSS3 progressive enhancements with minimal use of images
  • 960.gs grid system
  • Toggle boxes open and close
  • Detailed styled form elements eg. textfields, datepicker, radios, checkboxes, dialogs etc.
  • Form validation and tooltips
  • Slick and cool buttons
  • Unique iPhone style contact list
  • Fully styled WYSIWYG-editor
  • FileBrowser and Gallery with Lightbox
  • Login Box
  • Useful tabs
  • Fully styled DataTables
  • Notifications and beautiful dialogs
  • Unique alert boxes
  • Many options for charts
  • Stylish wizard
  • Shortcut- and Step-lists
  • With Email-template
  • Crossbrowser compatible (IE7+)
  • Well commented code and a full documentation


By purchasing this item you get a lifetime of updates for my admin template (without any extra cost).

If you want to see any new feature in peach, just let me know and I will include it in the next update.


I love to hear your feedback and appreciate any comments on my items. Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through my support forums.

Visit the Support Forums | Create an Account

Note: If you want to give anything below 5 stars, please contact me. I’ll try my best to fix and update all your point of criticisms.


  • v1.2 (27.01.2012)
    • Features
      • Disabled buttons (add ‘disabled’ tag)
    • Bugs fixed
      • Display Problems with IE7 (Charts weren’t displayed in IE 7)
      • Bug with sidebar in Chrome (see dashboard.html for fix)
      • Bug with toolbar menu
      • Bug when using WYSIWYG with form validation
      • Calendar events do not “snap” to days
    • Updates
      • jQuery Touch Punch
      • jQuery UI Time Picker
      • jQuery Placeholder
  • v1.1 (05.12.2011)
    • Features
    • Bugs fixed
      • Footer links not clickable, when scrollbars are shown
      • When having a page with the sidebar and long content, the sidebar isn’t on full height
      • IE9 problems with gradients and border-radius
      • Minor JS problems in form validation
      • Flickering of elements when JS is not fully loaded (DOM flickering)
      • Small bug with borders on datatables
    • Improvements
      • Styling of wizard sidebar doesn’t style additional (custom) span, small, strong any more
    • Updates
      • jQuery 1.6.4 => 1.7.1
  • v1.0 (11.11.2011)
    • Initial release