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PANORAMA – Fullscreen Photography HTML Template



PANORAMA is all about creativity

Using PANORAMA is truly a full creative experience. Ergonomy and fullscreen vision help you take full advantage of its capabilities and enhance the presentation of your creative work. The notion of a large vision around your work is the key of awesome presenting. Showcase your shots with this innovative HTML template and enjoy a clear and intuitive experience for your visitors. The talent of this template resides in its great mix of panoramic vision and sleek design.
Polyvalent, elegant, crafted carefully for an intuitive experience. Exclusive in all the ways as well, offering a range of unique interactions, 02 pre-made versions, a solid foundation under Bootstrap 3 and a fast support in English & Français.

PANORAMA has been built with the Framework Bootstrap 3, responsive on every screens from phone to TV, easy to customize, HTML5 verified 100% by the W3C, CSS3, SASS.

A documentation is provided in your download package for your customizations, you have also the possibility to contact me for more help \)” title=” :)” />

This product is a premium HTML template and not a WordPress plugin.


FIX - 22 May 2017
Issue fixed: contact-me.php file updated, wrong value regarding the newsletter on line 164. Replace this :

By this :

FIX - 15 May 2017
Issue fixed: Scroll issue on Firefox for the right side, remove the overflow-y:scroll property on the #info rule in style.css

FIX - 06 May 2017
Issue fixed: Menu was not appearing correctly on mobile devices, style.css updated.
Changes applied on rules : body.mobile-device from line 412 and #menu / #menu.menu-opened below the @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {

And also edited the following rule with height auto :

#menu li {
width: 100%;
text-align: left;
height: auto;

FIX - 04 May 2017
Issue fixed: All transition properties in CSS and SCSS files updated. Removing of commas between settings. The commas were causing troubles, blocking the smooth transition effects.

FIX - 20 January 2017
Documentation improvements

Credits :

  • Please note that pictures used in the demo are not provided in your download package. But you can easily find them on Pexels
  • You can also contact me to let me send you the direct links to the pictures you need \)” title=” :)” />