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Nixlot – Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard HTML Template


Nixlot Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Template

Nixlot Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Template is a versatile web-based user interface design solution that equips developers with a comprehensive framework of UI components, styles, and functionalities. This template simplifies the creation of modern and responsive admin dashboards and web applications. It is anchored on the Bootstrap 5 framework, a widely acclaimed front-end development framework renowned for building responsive, mobile-first websites and web applications.

Key Features:

Bootstrap 5 Foundation: Built on the robust Bootstrap 5 framework, this template ensures that your admin dashboard or web application is inherently responsive, making it compatible with diverse devices and screen sizes.

Ready-to-Use UI Components: Nixlot offers a rich assortment of pre-designed UI components, including forms, tables, charts, icons, and more. These components are designed for easy customization, enabling developers to swiftly create unique and visually appealing interfaces tailored to their specific project needs and branding requirements.

Diverse Page Templates: Nixlot’s pre-built pages, layouts, and themes provide a valuable starting point for crafting new pages and customizing your application’s overall look and feel. All templates and themes are optimized for performance and are inherently responsive, ensuring that they deliver a great user experience on any device or screen size.

Multiple Dashboard Styles: The template offers five distinct dashboard styles, each catering to different design preferences and functional requirements. Whether you prefer a horizontal layout, need RTL (Right-to-Left) support, a boxed layout, or even a double menu design, Nixlot provides flexibility to suit your vision.

Comprehensive File Package: Upon purchase, you’ll receive all essential files, including HTML, CSS, and JS files. Notably, this template minimizes jQuery dependency and relies primarily on JavaScript plugins for modern development practices.

In summary, Nixlot Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Template is an indispensable tool for developers seeking to expedite the development of modern, responsive admin dashboards and web applications. With its rich feature set, multiple styles, and lifetime free updates, it’s a versatile choice for a wide range of projects.

Lifetime Free Updates:

One standout feature is that with Nixlot, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of free updates. This means you won’t have to worry about additional costs for future updates or missing out on new features. The commitment to providing you with the best experience includes continuous enhancements and free updates for life.

Template Features Highlights:

• 100+ HTML Pages
• 20+ Plugins
• 5 Dashboard Variations
• Vertical & Horizontal Layouts
• Multiple Menu Styles (Click, Hover, Icon Click, Icon Hover)
• 3 Types of Charts
• Responsive Bootstrap 5 Framework
• Well-Commented Code
• Grid JS Tables
• Filepond & Dropzone
• Easy Customization
• Neat, Clean, and Simple Design
• Timeline & Message Chat
• Google Fonts
• Various Maps & Mail Inbox
• Multiple Icon Sets
• Lock Screen Pages & Error Pages
• Shopping Cart, Checkout, Order Details, Wishlist
• Professional Company Support
• Regular Updates & W3C Validated

Pre-built Dashboard Designs:

• Analytics Dashboard
• Crypto Dashboard
• Finance Dashboard
• Sales Dashboard
• Marketing Dashboard

Dashboard Template Features Highlights :

• No jQuery Dependency
• Multiple Menu Style Options
• Dark, Light & Custom Color Options
• Easy Settings Color Switcher
• RTL Supported
• Well-Commented Code
• Cross-Browser Compatibility
• Responsive Design & High-Quality Code
• Extensive Documentation
• Regular Updates & W3C Validated
• Company Helpdesk Support

Theme Styles and Colors :

• Light & Dark Themes
• LTR & RTL Support
• Vertical & Horizontal Navigation Styles
• Various Menu and Icon Interaction Styles
• Full-Width & Boxed Layout Options
• Fixed and Scrollable Menu and Header Styles
• Multiple Menu Types
• Various Theme and Background Color Options
• Dynamic Color Change Pickers

Dependencies :

• Bootstrap v5.3.1
• Sass
• Gulp v4.0.2

What do you get ?

• All HTML Files
• CSS Files
• SCSS Files
• JS Files

Updates :

Version V.3
  Updated Date : 22nd September 2023


This is a template only, which means that after purchase, you can customize the required functionality based on your specific requirements. However, it is important to note that sufficient expertise is necessary to use this item effectively, as the final template functions the same as the demo product.


SOURCES : All images are just used for DEMO Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

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