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Kohost – Modern Web Hosting & WHMCS Template



Kohost – Modern Web Hosting & WHMCS Template. Kohost is a powerful Easy to Use, Mobile friendly, Highly customizable SEO friendly template, built with Bootstrap CSS framework. It is perfect for any unique hosting, domains and reseller business company and empresse all of your clients and competitors. Highly customizable sections with multiple elements to use for any company providing web hosting, reseller hosting, clouds hosting, domains, Email Hosting, WordPress hosting. Has the option for multiple supports. Also have the RTL version of the template and Black Friday offer pages.

Compatibility with WHMCS versions – 8.7.1

Kohost Domain Hosting Templates

Kohost Domain Hosting

Kohost Landing Page Templates

Domain Hosting Templates

Kohost Hosting Templates

Best Domain Hosting Templates

Kohost Hosting Templates

Best Domain Hosting Templates

Best Domain Hosting Templates

Best Domain Hosting Templates


  • Around 50 pages with Hosting demo pages with RTL version

    Unique demos with a useful design. All HTML files 100% valid W3 web standards. All the files are ready to use.
  • Used SCSS, 7-1 Sass Architecture and Gulp

    SCSS used with 7-1 Sass Architecture and managed by Gulp
  • Theme Support

    We have provided different color theme support.
  • Working Contact Form (PHP)

    We have provided working Contact form by PHP.
  • Responsive Layout Design

    Responsive Layout Design makes your web page look good on all devices (Desktops, Tablets and Phones).
  • Awesome Blog Pages

    We designed beautiful blog page templates and single blog styles for your news. We know blogging is very important!
  • Themify Icons & Font Awesome Icons

    320+ Themify icon and 7840+ Font Awesome icon.

Main Features

  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Creative 8 Homepage demo
  • 12 Hosting pages
  • 3 Domain pages
  • 3 Balck Friday offer pages
  • Total inner pages 40+
  • RTL version of HTML and WHMCS templated included
  • Used SCSS managed by Gulp
  • Used Inverted Triangle CSS (7-1 Sass) Architecture
  • Managed by Node NPM module
  • Working Contact Form with PHP
  • Can template use as Reseller
  • Template for Domain sales
  • Easy to customize
  • Build with Bootstrap with 5.x version
  • Clean code, well formatted code
  • Clean and Modern Professional Design
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Used Google Fonts
  • Themify Icon Included
  • Very Smooth Transition Effects
  • W3C 100% validated code
  • Well Documented
  • Professional Support and free updates

What you get?

  • Creative homepage demos
  • RTL version of HTML and WHMCS template
  • 8 home page
  • 12 types of hosting page
  • 3 Balck Friday offer page
  • About Us
  • Service
  • Client Review
  • Pricing – 6 demos
  • Blog and Blog Details Page
  • Login Page
  • Singup Page
  • Reset Password
  • Partner Page
  • Network Or Database
  • Cover Page
  • Cover Page
  • Error 404
  • About – Contact Us, About Us, Networks, Company Blog

Included files

  • HTML files
  • CSS files
  • SCSS files
  • JavaScript files
  • PHP files



CSS Library

Js Library



This item is a static HTML5 template, It’s not a WordPress theme. Demo images are not included in the main downloadable file. Demo images are used only for preview purposes.


We do not provide a refund for mistaken purchases or changes of mind. The items we are selling are digital goods. It does not apply to returning it.

Change Logs

v9.8.1 – 31th May, 2023
- [HTML] Fixed SCSS compiling issue
v9.8.0 – 15th May, 2023
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template to version 8.7.2
- [WHMCS] Added Dark Mood
v9.6.0 – 4th Apr, 2023
- Updated WHMCS 8.7.1 Version
- Updated WHMCS Orderform 8.7.1 Verison
v9.5.4 – 19 Feb, 2022
- [HTML] Fixed icon missing issue
- [HTML] Fixed footer bottom text color issue
v9.5.3 – 12th Feb, 2023
- [HTML] Fixed tooltip issues
- [HTML] Fixed missing icons
V9.5.2 – 6th Feb, 2023
- [WHMCS] provided text-translated support for custom texts.
V9.5.1 – 17th Jan, 2023
- WHMCS Orderform checkout.tpl page updated
v9.5.0 – 1st Jan, 2023
- Updated Font Awesome icon for HTML Template
- Updated WHMCS Template design based on twenty-one template
- Updated WHMCS Orderform design based standard_cart
- Updated WHMCS version to 8.6.1
v9.0.0 – 16th Nov, 2022
- Added Theme Option (Different Color Option)
- Updated Bootstrap 5.2.2
- Updated ITCSS to 7-1 Sass Architecture
8.0.0 – 20th Jun, 2022
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS version to 8.5.1
v7.5.5 – 21th May, 2022
- [WHMCS] Fixed suggested domain search result option
v7.5.0 – 17th March, 2022
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and Orderform to version 8.4.1
- [HTML] Added click and slide option in VPS slider
v7.0.0 – 2nd January, 2022
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and orderform to version 8.3.2
- [WHMCS] Fixed Ticket center align issues
- [WHMCS] Added the product group feature
v6.7.0 – 22nd October, 2021
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and orderform to version 8.3.0
v6.5.1 – 19th September, 2021
- [HTML] Fixed the XSS issue
- domain-search-result.php
v6.5.0 – 19th July, 2021
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and orderform to version 8.2.1
- [WHMCS] Fixed the laguage selection design issue on Footer
- [WHMCS] Updated the design of payment method in checkout page

- [HTML] Fixed the validation issue on contact form in HTML
- app.js
v6.0.5 – 28th May, 2021
- Updated gulpfile.js and package.json file
- Updated about, blog, contact, faq, footer SCSS file
- Fixed pricing pages issues
- Fixed vendor js file linking issue
- Fixed after build menu hover issue
- Check the changed file list
v6.0.0 – 7th May, 2021
- Added 7 new home pages on the HTML template.
- Added 6 new application hosting pages on HTML template
- Added new specifications pricing page
- Added domain checker pricing list section
- Added CSRF token for
- Added application hosting section
- Updated pricing section
- Updated contact-form-process.php file
- Updated app.js file
- Updated domain checker and transfer page
v5.9.0 – 27th Mar, 2021
- Updated WHMCS template version to 8.1.3
- Updated WHMCS language file lang>english.php
- Check the changed file list
v5.8.0 – 17th Feb, 2021
- Updated WHMCS template latest version 8.1.1
- Updated WHMCS orderforms latest version 8.1.1
- Updated WHMCS language file lang>english.php 
- Fixed data table dropdown issue
v5.7.5 – 8th Feb, 2021
- Fixed the wrong name of the template in WHMCS general setting
- Fixed the CSS caching issue in WHMCS template
- Fix the height issue on WHMCS product pricing
- Redesigned the WHMCS service details page
- Fixed the line break issue in WHMCS billing cycle
- Fixed the spacing issue in WHMCS client register page
- Fixed the sidebar issue in WHMCS support ticket details page
- Fixed the captcha aligned issue in WHMCS pages
- Fixed the W3C HTML validation issue for HTML template
v5.6.0 – 20th Jan, 2021
- Used WHOIS lib to improve domain search
- Add whois folder on libs folder
- Updated "domain-search-result.php" file
v5.5.5 – 8th Jan, 2021
- Fixed WHMCS template form label margin issue
- Fixed orderforms addons item design issues
- Add a custom class name in "your orderforms/configuredomains.tpl" file
- Updated CSS in "your template/css/custom.css" and "your orderforms/css/style.css" file
v5.5.0 – 5th Jan, 2021
- Updated WHMCS version 8.1.0 template
- Updated the hooks/products.php file
- Add favicon icon link in templates/{your template name}/includes/head.tpl file
v5.0.0 – 21rd Nov, 2020
WHMCS Updates:
- Fixed the billing infomation update issue on orderform
- Fixed the currency icon path issue
- Fixed the responsive issue of table
- Fixed the attached file issue in dashboard
- Updated the design of registraion error
- Desgined the SSL and Security, addons pages

HTML Updates:
- Updated the faq design
- Fixed mobile view click issue on menu
v4.6.0 – 8rd Nov, 2020
- Design updated in Login, Registration, and change password page
- Added language change option in Login, Registration, and change password page
- Updated domain search button design
- Design updated in Footer section

- Added two new images on WHMCS img folder

- Updated header.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated footer.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated login.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated password-reset-container.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated user-security.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated custom.css file on WHMCS template
- Updated checkout.tpl file on WHMCS orderforms
- Updated style.css file on WHMCS orderforms css folder
v4.5.0 – 3rd Nov, 2020
- Added multi-currency support on WHMCS template
- Restructured the VPS slider
- Fixed the logo path in footer

- Added currency.php file in the hooks folder
- Added flags folder on WHMCS img folder

- Updated header.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated custom.css file on WHMCS template
- Updated footer.tpl file on WHMCS template
- Updated sidebar-categories.tpl file on WHMCS orderforms
v4.0.1 – 29 Oct, 2020
- Fixed WHMCS configure product "Choose Billing Cycle" Issues.

- WHMCS style.css file in the orderforms CSS folder.
- WHMCS custom.css and custom.js file in template CSS and JS folder.
v4.0.0 – 27 Oct, 2020
- WHMCS version upgraded to 8.0.3
- WHMCS Header section design changed
- WHMCS Footer section design changed
- WHMCS Home page design changed
- For more details: http://kohost.themetags.com/demo/img/updated-to-version-803.jpg
v3.4.0 – 17 Oct, 2020
- Fixed the image path issue on WHMCS template
- Fixed the broken menu issue on the WHMCS template
- Removed the username & password from the WHMCS login page
v3.1.0 – 24th Sep, 2020
- Fixed the disable button issue on WHMCS reset password
- Added additional 5 HTML pages
- Added Black Friday offer pages
- Added Privacy Policy and Terms Condition pages
v2.2.1 – 13th Sep, 2020
- Fixed message issue in the Contact Form

Updated file:
- libs/contact-form-process.php
v2.2.0 – 30th Aug, 2020
- Updated the captcha design of all WHMCS templates
v2.0.0 – 22th Aug, 2020
- Added RTL version of HTML template
- Added working domain search page
v1.0.0 – 20th Aug, 2020
- Initial Release of HTML template
- WHMCS version supported from 8.0.x