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KachaBazar – React Next eCommerce Template


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KachaBazar – Grocery & Organic Food Store eCommerce React Template. This is an e-commerce template built with Next.js and Tailwindcss with Rest API integration. This template backend is ready and is built with node, express, mongoose schema validation and uses MongoDB for the database. Actually, it’s a complete MERN project but you can use it according to your need or any kind of e-commerce site.

Looking react ecommerce admin template?

Tech We Used:

  • Next.js
    Used Next.js latest version to built store Template. It’s the Easiest and fast way to create an app with next.js with some awesome Next.js features like SSG, SSR, and many more.
  • React.js
    ReactJS is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components.
  • Tailwindcss
    Kachabazar-store design with tailwindcss.A utility-first CSS framework.
  • Express.js
    Backend is built with node.js framework express.js for Rest API routes.
  • MongoDB

    Used MongoDB as a database with mongoose schema validation.

Main Features-Store:

  • Added PWA.
  • Complete Full-Stack Project with backend intrigration.
  • Dynamic translation on all dynamic data,like products, category, attributes and coupons.
  • Product Attributes and Combinaiton.
  • Necessary pages included.
  • Checkout page with necessary validation.
  • Integrated Stripe for Checkout card.
  • Order invoice page with order printing option.
  • Added mobile navigation and footer for the mobile users.
  • Products search with price filtering, also showing products by Category.
  • Product-specific page added with a detailed description.
  • Coupon showing page with minimum price validation on the offer page.
  • Customer Dashboard with Customer Total orders and order status.
  • And many more, A demo is worth a thousand words, so check out the demo.

Note :: In the footer, My Account section and Checkout page are validated, so this will work after login with valid credentials.

Included files:

  • Store Template files
  • Backend files



CSS Library

Js Library


Change Logs

v4.5.0 – 14th Aug 2023
- Fixed issue on discount showing.
-Fixed issue on cart to slug page navigation.
-Fixed issue on user dashbaord order table pagination.
v4.0.1 – 3rd June 2023
- Fixed translation issue.

v4.0.0 – 18th April, 2023

    - Added attribute and combination for prouduct.
    - Added dynamic and static translation for all dynamic and static data.
    - Added multiple nested category CRUD.
    - Added Basic setting for controlling store.
    - Added dynamic language, currency.
    - Updated design and Split all code.
    - Updated Google sign in method.

v3.0.0 – 3rd Sep, 2022

- Added pagination on user order dashboard
- Added loading skeleton for search, slug, and other pages
- Updated Stripe payment gateway, now it will work properly
- Updated some packages

v2.5.0 – 14th May, 2022

- Updated design on slug page,

v2.0.0 – 16th February, 2022

- Updated design on home and search page, 
- Added forget password option
- Email verification for Register user
- Updated with TailwindCss latest version
- Updated invoice download option

v1.8.0 – 18th December, 2021

- Updated Google sign-in option, 
- Add change password option,  ​
- Add Invoice download option
- Product sync with database

v1.5.0 – 3rd December, 2021

- Added google Sign Up/Sign In, 
- Fixed user profile updated option,  ​
- Optimize few code

v1.1.0 – 13th November, 2021

- Fixed Stripe card information

Note: It is not a WordPress theme. Demo images are not included in the main downloadable file. Images, graphics, illustrations are taken from free resources. it used only for preview purposes.