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Inros – Multipurpose Ghost blog theme


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✅ Compatible with Ghost version 5.x.x

Inros is a modern classic blog theme for Ghost blog/publishing platform. If you are looking for a good theme for your Ghost site then Inros is a suitable theme for your website.

You can use this theme for your company blog or personal blog. The theme is built with a minimalistic approach but it is a fully featured-packed theme.

This theme can be used for official, professional, and personal blog websites. Also, this theme can be used in any collaborative and multi-author magazine. For example travel magazine, fashion magazine, technology magazine, lifestyle magazine, health magazine, etc.

This theme comes with light and dark modes. Setting up this theme is very easy.

Do you write programming/coding-related articles or tutorials? this theme already comes with a beautiful code syntax highlighter. are not all these features amazing?


This is not a HTML template or WordPress theme. This is a ghost theme. It works with Ghost. We follow Envato Market Refund Rules. So no refund
request will be accepted for mistaken purchase.

If you need WordPress theme then check our WordPress theme

Why this notice is here? It is because many people do not pay attention and purchase Ghost theme without
knowing about Ghost. Later they realize and asks for refund.

General features

  • 100% responsive, looks nice in any size of the device.
  • Content-focused, modern, and minimal.
  • Lightweight, no unnecessary CSS or JavaScript.
  • Superfast performance.
  • Responsive image.
  • Native image lazy loading.
  • Google font.
  • SVG icons look fine in even high dpi screens.
  • Well commented and well-structured coding.
  • Development files included. Easy to customize.
  • Developer friendly. Built with gulp and SASS.

Supported Inbuilt Ghost features

  • Translation ready.
  • Native Search support.
  • Native Comment support.
  • Publication title and description.
  • Publication icon and logo.
  • Primary and secondary navigation.
  • Social accounts link.
  • General post and page.
  • Tags with name description and image.
  • Author cover image, avatar, bio, and social links.
  • Multiple authors of a post.
  • Supports all cards in Koenig Editor.
  • Gallery and Bookmark and all other inbuilt cards in Koenig editor.
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and all other embeds.
  • Post content visibility based on the viewer’s membership status.
  • Reading time.
  • Author info in single post view.
  • Share to social sites.

Additional theme features

  • Featured posts section on the home page.
  • Dedicated sign-in and subscribe link in the header.
  • Elegant typography-focused clutter-free design.
  • User selectable dark and light style.
  • The theme also looks stunning without any image.
  • Fast search functionality.
  • Previous and next post link in single post view.
  • Related posts.
  • Beautiful syntax highlighter.
  • Image zoom in post.
  • Custom Sign In page.
  • Custom Sign Up page.
  • Custom subscribe and member account page.
  • Call to action for sign-up in members-only post.
  • Pricing table for different subscription plans.
  • Custom author archive page template.
  • Custom yearly post archive template.
  • Custom monthly post archive template.
  • Custom tag archive page template.
  • Contact form using Formspree.
  • Subscribe form.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility.
  • Sign in page.
  • Sign up page.
  • Membership page.
  • Account page. you can test the all membership feature in the live demo site.

To test the paid subscription do not use actual card details. Use the live demo site using any of the stripe’s test card numbers and details. Here you can find the test card list.


All Images in the live demo are form drawkit.io and unsplash.com

Images used only for preview purpose. Images are not included in main download.


Providing fast and effective support to the user is my top most priority. I took support and bug fixing very

For any help regarding this theme or any pre-sale question, please feel free to contact me using the support tab
above or through my profile page and I will be glad to
offer support.

Premium Ghost theme collection


V 2.2.0 - August 29, 2023
[ + ] - Added support for new page option.
[ + ] - Added new twitter-x icon.
[ * ] - Updated minimum ghost version requirement.
V 2.1.1 - October 11, 2022
[ * ] - Fixed sign in and sign up page templates.
V 2.1.0 - August 21, 2022
[ + ] - Added Ghost native comment support.
[ + ] - Added Ghost native search support.
V 2.0.0 - May 24, 2022
[ - ] - Removed deprecated API in package.json
[ - ] - Removed deprecated helper
[ - ] - Removed Old pricing table
[ - ] - Removed tire benefits Inros helper.
[ * ] - Modified pricing table.
V 1.5.0 - April 27, 2022
[ + ] - Added pricing tire description to membership pricing table.
V 1.4.0 - April 26, 2022
[ * ] - Fixed id issue in comment.
[ * ] - Fixed theme color mode in sign in and sign up page.
[ + ] - Added support for membership tires.
[ * ] - Reduced margin in Sign in and sig up forms in small screen.
[ - ] - Removed deprecated API engine key from package.json file.
V 1.3.0 - December 24, 2021
[ + ] - Added support for all new cards available in the editor.
[ + ] - Added various custom settings so that those can be changed without editing theme files.
[ * ] - Upgraded minimum required ghost version to 4.20.0.
V 1.2.0 - October 14, 2021
[ * ] - Improved CSS color and spacing consistency.
[ + ] - Fixed extra space on sign up and sign in page when nav set to sticky.
V 1.1.0 - October 07, 2021
[ * ] - Fixed and improved some minor CSS issue and style.
[ + ] - Added missing translations.
V 1.0.0 - September 25, 2021
[ + ] - Initial release