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Gebo Admin Responsive Template


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Latest Update v3.1 (21.01.2015)

v3.1 (21.01.2015)
 - updated bootstrap framework (3.3.1)
 - updated jquery (1.11.2)
 - updated flot charts (0.8.3)
 - updated font awesome icons (4.2.0)
 - updated moment.js (2.9.0)
 - updated fullcalendar (1.6.7)
 - updated qtip2 plugin (2.2.1)
 - added flot tooltips plugin (0.8.4)
 - updated bootstrap switch (3.3.1)
 - updated tinymce (4.1.7)
 - updated autosize (1.18.17)
 - fixed position of error messages (login page)
 - fixed fullcalendar icons
 - new images in gallery ( unsplash.com )
 - minor visual changes
 - minor js/css cleanup

About Gebo Admin Template:

Gebo Admin is full featured, two column responsive template based on Bootstrap Framework from Twitter.
It has lots of js plugins: charts, filterable/searchable list, calendar, multiselect, location finder, file manager, gallery grid, datatables, sticky messages, WYSIWG editor and many more.


  • Responsive two column layout (hideable sidebar)
  • Fixed top bar
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework
  • Location finder (Google Maps)
  • Custom search page
  • Charts (lines, bars, pies)
  • Datepicker, Timepicker
  • Image grid
  • 2 icon sets (glyphicons & splashy icons)
  • Custom error page
  • Tables (static, dynamic, server side proccessing)
  • Notifications (sticky, modal boxes)
  • Responsive file explorer
  • WYSIWYG editor with integrated file explorer
  • Regular and extended form elements (sliders, progresbars, enchanced select elements, 2 column multiselect, styled form elements, masked inputs, tags handler and many more)
  • Tooltips (always visible in the viewport), Popovers
  • Bootstrap Javascript Plugins (modal, dropdown, tab, popover, collapse, typeahead, rowlink, fileupload with thumbnails)
  • Form Validation
  • Step by Step Wizard
  • Style Switcher


v3.0 (23.10.2013)
 - updated bootstrap framework (3.0)
 - updated jquery (1.10.2)
 - updated colorbox plugin (1.4.31)
 - updated moment.js plugin (1.7.2)
 - updated tinymce plugin (5.5)
 - antiscroll replaced by slimscroll plugin
 - added font awesome icons
 - removed js loader
 - toogle buttons replaced by bootstrap switch plugin
 - added select2 plugin

v1.8.1 update (15.03.2013)

  • updated chosen plugin (0.9.12)
  • fixed widget.html

v1.8 update (11.03.2013)

  • updated jQuery (1.9.1)
  • updated bootstrap framework (2.3.1)
  • updated multi-select plugin (0.95)
  • updated input mask plugin
  • added toggle buttons
  • added dynamic tree plugin
  • added hint.css tooltips
  • added click event for links in top menu
  • fixed sidebar scroll
  • fixed table tools issue with invisible layer
  • fixed top bar dropdowns (mobile view)
  • fixed some performance issues in ie8
  • removed external links for buttons
  • minor css/js fixes

v1.7 update (05.02.2013)

  • updated jQuery (1.9)
  • updated jquery UI (1.10.0)
  • updated bootstrap framework (2.2.2)
  • updated colorbox plugin (1.3.34)
  • updated datatbles plugin (1.9.4)
  • updated tag handler plugin (1.3.1)
  • added table tools for datatables
  • added editable elements
  • added blog page
  • fixed hover for top menu
  • fixed datatables view on mobile devices
  • changed scroller plugin (replaced by jQueryUI scroller plugin)
  • minor css/js fixes

v1.6 update (05.11.2012)

  • Changed mobile menu
  • New invoice page
  • Updated 2 column multiselect
  • Fixed issue with jquery cookie
  • Fixed issue with tooltips
  • Fixed issue with dropdowns (touch devices)

v1.5 update (20.09.2012)

  • Bootstrap Framework updated (v2.1.1)
  • jQuery updated (v1.8.1)
  • jQuery UI updated (v1.8.23)
  • fullcalendar plugin updated (v1.5.4)
  • datatables plugin updated (v1.9.3)
  • fileupload and rowlink plugins updated

v1.4 update (30.08.2012)

  • added password strength checker plugin
  • added “scroll to top” plugin
  • added toolbar for pages
  • added user avatar to top bar
  • added fix for new Opera browser
  • fixed sidebar bugs
  • simplified use of style switcher
  • fixed issue with drag&drop widgets
  • changed login page (login box is now centered)

v1.3 update (25.07.2012)

  • added chat page (CLEditor plugin)
  • added CLEditor plugin (chat page)
  • added drag&drop feature to widget boxes
  • added button state example
  • added style switcher
  • added background patterns
  • added sub-menu to main menu
  • added notification plugin (smoke.js)
  • added pagination next, prev buttons for datatables
  • added another calendar example (google calendar)
  • added colorpicker plugin
  • added static user page
  • added option to move sidebar to the right
  • added example with form elements inside modal window (fixed z-index issue)
  • added simple calculator (contributed by maumao)
  • added option to disable external link for single link
  • made videos responsive
  • updated timepicker plugin (new option: 24h or 12h)
  • updated tinymce plugin
  • simplified use of mouse hover event for top menu
  • fixed datatables horizontal scroll example
  • fixed search input in chosen plugin
  • fixed search input for server side datatables (multiselect)
  • fixed validation errors
  • fixed page loader (high cpu usage)
  • added changelog with information what files were changed/added in this update (changelog_files.html)

v1.2 update (22.06.2012)

  • new mailbox page (inbox, outbox, new message, message view)
  • new widget boxes
  • added drag&drop multiupload
  • added sidebar scrollbar
  • added fixed layout option
  • added preview for new icons
  • added option to align dashboard quick access navigation
  • added fix for ios orientation change
  • improved documentation
  • fixed small js, css bugs

v1.1 (12/06/2012)

  • 2 more colors (new colors for table header, charts, calendar events)
  • added layout max width
  • mouseover as an option
  • login page validation fix
  • mixed gallery (images and videos from youtube, vimeo, self hosted)
  • plus/minus icon for accordion
  • flag icons
  • dashoard quick access
  • drop down buttons
  • action button (delete,edit etc) for table
  • gallery table view with action button
  • fix for show/hide sidebarbar icon
  • default view for search results
  • documentation improvement
  • fixed small css, js bugs

v1.0 (01/06/2012)

  • Initial release