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FolioTrader – Domain Portfolio Seller Script


Folio.Trader: Domain Portfolio Seller Script gives you control over your online domain selling process. Run your own platform instead of paying fees to others!

folio.trader script features overview

Sell Domains on your OWN with #1 Domainer Script

Why not selling on your own fully featured platform with all the features like filtering by age, extension, characters count and so on!

Stop paying huge fees to others!

Your Own Shopping Cart

We’ve integrated two of the most popular payment gateways for you: Stripe & PayPal
Let your buyers use the shopping cart and checkout via Credit Card or PayPal to pay for your domains.

Email Notifications

Packed with nicely formatted HTML email notifications so you as an admin ( seller ) and the buyer both get notified once a domain sale gets completed.

Content Management System

Includes a nice CMS to enable you to create any number of extra pages you desire! With WYSIWYG editor of course!

Fully Responsive

With Folio.Trader, the best Domainer Script you get a Twitter Bootstrap 3 based, domain seller script design that works on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop!

Full Control Admin Panel

User: admin
Pass: admin

  • Password protected admin control panel
  • Nice dashboard with financial stats & charts
  • Orders management
  • Domain listings management
  • CMS for managing Pages
  • Navigation items management
  • SEO Configuration ( Title, Meta Description, Keywords )

You’re in good hands with Crivion

safe branding

Domain Seller Script Server Requirements

Server Requirements
  • apache mod_rewrite
  • IMPORTANT: PHP >= 5.5.9 and <= 7.4
  • Important: no subfolders, needs subdomain or main domain – no serious app runs in a subfolder
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • PHP FileInfo extension

Updates Log

v1.6 - Feb 2024
- Allow domains to have a financing price / per month rather than autocomputing it based on pricing divided by 12 months
- This feature is optional, if a financing price is not specified, then it will default to full price divided by 12 months 

Step 1) Simply copy & overwrite the files from /upgrader folder to your install
Step 2) Go to your-site.tld/upgrade-foliotrader and run the upgrader

That's it! Enjoy.
v1.5.0 - Aug 2022
- when using tld's with two extensions like .co.uk or .com.au, in filtering it was only showing the last part (.uk or .au)
- this upgrade addresses that issue to show correct tld extensions in filtering (domains page)
v1.4.9 - Aug 2021
- sold domains where appearing inside the search (but not on the site) so it could be added to cart again.
v1.4.8 - May 2020
- feature: added phone number when requesting Escrow checkout
- fix: paypal/stripe currency code issue fixed when checking out
v1.4.7 - Apr 2020
- paypal payments issue fix on php 7.3+ servers
- security fix
- fixed issue when the header site title was only changing on homepage and not on inner pages
v1.4.6 - Apr 2020
- fixed issue when the header site title was only changing on homepage and not on inner pages
v1.4.5 - Feb 2020
- fixed mobile navigation issues
- fixed issue with NEW install not validating licence on php 7.3
- refer to docs on how to upgrade
- security fix related to third party package called phpunit
- please refer to documentation on how to address the issue with this 3rd party package.
- thanks to kamcm for pointing this out
- fixed slight issue: showing sold domains in ajax filtering
- just download and copy/replace app/Http/Controllers/Ajax.php
v1.4.2 - slight issue with changing homepage header image + inner site title
- homepage header image fix: just copy and replace resources/views/partials/header.blade.php
- inner site title fix: just copy and replace resources/views/inner.blade.php 
v1.4.1 - slight issue with payments currency code
- if you've upgraded to v1.4 before 26th June please redownload and replace file on your host app/Http/Controllers/Checkout.php with the newly downloaded one from the same folder.
v1.4 - Major Upgrade (download new zip & check docs on how to upgrade)

What's new!
- (new) domain search by keyword
- (new) domain category/industry
- (new) completely re-engineered filtering
- (new) DISCOUNT OPTION ( for buy now )
- (new) social sharing icons for domains
- (new) social network profile links ( admin can enable/disable )
- (new) phone call icon ( admin can enable/disable )
- (new) financing inquiry option ( admin can enable/disable )
- (new) now you can enable/disable paypal/stripe/escrow from admin
- (new) easy currency change
- (new) domain parking: you'll get a redirect to invidividual sale page if you use Cpanel Alias/Addon or CNAME
v1.3 - 27th June 2017 ( Read Documentation on how to upgrade )
- Added Bulk Upload Option
- Added SEO Friendly URLS (switch /info/id to /domain)
- Removed expiration date bug
- Bug fixes (sorting mainly)
v1.2 - Oct 2016 ( Please Refer to Documentation on how to upgrade )
- Added domain logo upload feature
- Added option to switch off/enable domain logo and/or short description
- Added easy way to update about us from configuration page
- Fixed a Paypal checkout issue
- Fixed admin email option
- Fixed contact email option
v1.1 - 8 Sept 2016 ( Read Documentation on how to upgrade )
- Added Make an Offer option
- Added Escrow option
- Fixed a few bugs
v1.0 - Initial Release