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Fluent Bot Pro – ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning


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Revolutionize Your WhatsApp Chats with AI Responses, Images, Embeddings, and Fine-Tuning!

Unlock the full potential of FluentBotPro, our revolutionary AI desktop application designed to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT AI with WhatsApp. Say goodbye to the fatigue of typing lengthy messages with our advanced features. From smart and instant responses to dynamic image generation using DALL·E 2, FluentBotPro transforms your communication experience. Harness the power of embeddings for context-rich interactions and fine-tuning for personalized responses. Experience swifter, more intelligent, and remarkably efficient communication like never before. Upgrade your WhatsApp conversations with FluentBotPro and discover a new realm of possibilities.

Fluent Bot Pro seamlessly integrates ChatGPT’s AI exceptional capabilities into your WhatsApp exchanges. Say goodbye to delays and the quest for the perfect words. Our AI-driven ChatGPT promptly understands messages, crafting personalized, context-aware responses that infuse your WhatsApp conversations with a natural, dynamic, and engaging touch.

Enhanced Interaction with Voice Messages and Emojis

Experience the exceptional capabilities that set FluentBotPro apart! Going beyond traditional text-based communication, our advanced solution provides robust support for both voice messages and emojis. Now, when you receive voice messages or emojis, FluentBotPro effortlessly delivers intelligible and contextually relevant responses, making your interactions more dynamic and engaging.

Seamless Desktop Integration for Effortless Operation

Elevate your workflow with FluentBotPro’s effortless desktop integration. Operate ChatGPT seamlessly alongside your favorite apps and programs on your desktop PC. No need to switch devices or disrupt your workflow. With a simple setup, FluentBotPro becomes your dedicated AI chat assistant, always ready to assist you or your contacts with a diverse range of queries and conversations.


You can effortlessly upload training data, initiate fine-tune jobs, and harness the power of custom-created ChatGPT models. This innovative features empowers allows you to tailor your chatbots according to specific needs, ensuring accurate and efficient responses to chat inquiries.

Fluent Bot Pro - ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning - 1


Experience the future of conversational AI with FluentBotPro’s groundbreaking embedding feature. With the ability to create and store embeddings in a local database, users can enhance the contextual intelligence of their chatbots. When a user poses a question in the chat, FluentBotPro dynamically scans the database for the most relevant embedding, optimizing the response accuracy. This unique capability not only ensures a personalized and contextually rich interaction but also seamlessly integrates with OpenAI to further elevate the response quality. Revolutionize your conversational experiences by harnessing the power of FluentBotPro’s embedding feature, where every interaction is not just a reply but a tailored and insightful conversation.

Fluent Bot Pro - ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning - 2

Image Generation Using DALL·E 2

Unlock a new dimension of communication with FluentBot’s innovative image generation feature powered by DALL·E 2. Seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp conversations, this cutting-edge capability allows users to generate images directly within the chat interface which makes your conversations more engaging. FluentBot’s image generation feature opens up a world of possibilities. Harness the artistic prowess of DALL·E 2 and revolutionize your WhatsApp communication. Elevate your conversations beyond text and embrace the power of images with FluentBotPro.

Fluent Bot Pro - ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning - 3

Moreover, FluentBotPro’s embedding feature is not just a boon for contextual richness but also a strategic token-saving tool. By leveraging embeddings stored in the local database, users can succinctly capture nuanced context and information. This efficiency translates into shorter prompts when communicating with OpenAI, effectively saving precious tokens. This dual benefit not only optimizes the use of resources but also enhances the responsiveness of your chatbot, ensuring that interactions are not only contextually robust but also streamlined for maximum efficiency. FluentBotPro’s embedding feature empowers you to make the most out of every token, delivering a seamless and cost-effective conversational AI experience.

Unlock Revenue with Ease

Exciting opportunities await! FluentBotPro turns your WhatsApp conversations into a profitable venture. Integrated with the trusted Stripe payment gateway, you can now monetize access to your WhatsApp number. Whether you’re a business providing premium support or an influencer offering personalized advice, set your subscription rates and start earning from your invaluable interactions.

Fluent Bot Pro - ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning - 4

Effortless Customer Support for Time-Efficient Operations

Feeling overwhelmed by manual customer query management and time constraints, especially during peak hours? Enter GPT FluentBotPro – your solution for streamlined customer support. Powered by AI, it delivers instant responses to customer inquiries round the clock, eliminating the need for constant human intervention. Ensure your business provides prompt and efficient customer support effortlessly.

Unlocking the Power of SaaS

Fluent Bot Pro - ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning - 5

Embark on a new era for your business by harnessing the innovative potential of our desktop application as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Seamlessly run WhatsApp, connect with ChatGPT, and integrate Stripe for subscription management and payments. Our SaaS offering empowers you to monetize your WhatsApp number, streamline communication, and deliver unparalleled value. Generate recurring revenue, and savor a fully managed solution. Experience the ease, efficiency, and revenue potential now!

Versatility Across Industries

From restaurants to retail stores and service-based enterprises, FluentBotPro caters to all. Automate fundamental queries about your business – location, hours, contact details, and more. Save time, prioritize core tasks, and let automated customer support shine.

Enhanced Customer Experience with Tailored Bots

Going beyond the basics, FluentBotPro accommodates specialized WhatsApp bots. Imagine a cozy eatery deploying a dedicated bot to handle inquiries about its address, phone number, menu options, and more. Empower patrons with precise information, enriching their dining experience with your establishment.

Optimized Multitasking

FluentBotPro excels at handling numerous conversations concurrently. Efficiently manage a high volume of inquiries, respond promptly, and elevate customer experiences, trust, and loyalty.

Fluent Bot Pro - ChatGPT for WhatsApp + Embeddings + Fine-tuning - 6

Seamless Scaling for Expanding Ventures

Expand effortlessly with FluentBotPro. FluentBotPro accommodates unlimited inquiries sans additional staff. Uphold top-notch customer support as your business flourishes, minus added expenses.

Revolutionize Your Communication with Futuristic WhatsApp Solutions

Embrace the game-changing capabilities you’ve been longing for with FluentBotPro. From rapid responses to lucrative interactions, this desktop app transforms WhatsApp, elevating productivity and boosting profitability for your business.

Unlock the Potential of FluentBotPro! Order Now!

System Requirements:

– Windows 7, 8.1, 10
– .Net 8.0 or higher
– Chrome Browser
– Supports OpenAI versions:
ChatGPT Turbo 3.5
ChatGPT 4
ChatGPT 4 32k Context

Disclaimer: The utilization of FluentBotPro will result in charges from OpenAI ChatGPT for its service usage. We do not take responsibility for opening new OpenAI accounts or any usage limitations that may be associated with your account. The use of our software is entirely at the customer’s own responsibility. While we strive to provide a reliable and high-quality product, we cannot guarantee its suitability for every specific purpose or circumstance. Customers are encouraged to thoroughly review and understand the software’s capabilities and limitations and to use it in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We are not liable for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from the use of our software. Users are advised to exercise caution and due diligence while using the software, and if in doubt, seek legal or professional advice.

We are not affiliated with WhatsApp or its parent company Meta Platforms, Inc. (“Meta”). WhatsApp is a registered trademark owned by Meta Platforms, Inc. We do not represent WhatsApp, nor are we endorsed by or affiliated with Meta or its subsidiaries in any way. Any references made to WhatsApp or its features are purely for informational purposes.