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Atlant – Bootstrap Admin Template


Atlant - Bootstrap Admin Template - 1

Package Included

In downloaded package you will find

  • Atlant – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template [Preview]
  • Atlant Page Builder [Preview]
  • Documentation
  • Layered PSD and PNG files[dashboards only]
  • The best UI design and Support ever, for only $24


Atlant – is a powerful admin template based on Bootstrap 3.3.7. Template is fully responsive and retina ready which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. In downloaded package you will find .less files, documentation, clean and commented source code. Atlant is easy to use and customize, also you will find lots of ready to use elements.

Atlant support is available 24/7. Do not hesitate to send your question or suggestion. We will do our best to help you.

Check out the live preview, and don’t forget to visit all pages and try all options in settings.

Atlant - Bootstrap Admin Template - 2


2017 October 11th – Version 1.8

- Updated: jquery to 3.2.1(+map, +migrate to 1.4.1)
- Updated: jqueryUI to 1.12.1
- Updated: bootstrap to 3.3.7(js, css, map)
- Updated: mcustomscrollbar to 3.1.13
- Updated: FontAwesome to 4.7.0
- Updated: DataTables to 1.10.16
- Updated: Moment to 2.13.0
- Updated: daterangepicker to 2.1.25
- Changed: minor changes in desing (paddings, margins, font sizes etc.)
- Changed: increased size of form elements, buttons and other features.
- Changed: class name .line-height-30 to .line-height-base
- Fixed: ui-panels callback example
- Fixed: left side search example

2015 October 24th – Version 1.7

- Added: 2 Dashboard Styles
- Added: Material Design Form Elements
- Added: 2 Layered PNG files (new dashboards design)
- Updated: jQuery to 2.1.4
- Updated: Bootstrap to 3.3.5
- Updated: DataTables to 1.10.9
- Updated: mCustomScrollBar to 3.1.12
- Updated: daterangepicker to 2.1.13
- Updated: FontAwesome to 4.4.0
- Updated: Navigation Design
- Updated: Tables Design
- Fixed: Navigation responsive bug in build files 1.6
-Fixed: Minor bugs in js and less

2015 January 27th – Version 1.6

- Added Page: Registration
- Added Page: Registration with Login
- Added Page: Forgot Password 
- Added Page/Layout: Tabbed Page 
- Added Page/Layout: Custom Header
- Added Page/Layout: Adaptive Panels
- Added Page/UI: Slide Menu
- Added: Spinner to Form Elements page
- Fixed: Datepicker(and added more samples)
- Fixed: minor bugs
- Improved javascript code(lots of changes in structure to increase the speed of template loading and work)
- Updated documentation
- Updated Bootstra to v3.3.2

2014 December 15th – Version 1.5

- Added Page Builder(beta). Gives you a possibility to create page layouts and some custom elements
- Added Feature: show toggled navigation on hover
- Added Feature: show item of toggled navigation on hover
- Added Page sidebar
- Added Nestable list plugin
- Fixed minor bugs
- Updated documentation

2014 December 1st – Version 1.4

- Added RTL page layout(beta)
- Added Page loading frame v2
- Added Invoice page sample
- Added User edit page, with ajax photo change sample(+php files)
- Added Login v2 pages(flexible block)
- Added jQuery Autocomplete plugin support
- Added jQuery jsTree interactive trees
- Added Front-end PSD,PNG files(main page)
- Added Intro.js tour plugin
- Added jQuery form plugin
- Updated Page loading frame function
- Updated Bootstrap to v3.3.1
- Updated Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin
- Updated documentation
- Fixed minor bugs

2014 November 15th – Version 1.3

- Added lock screen feature
- Added custom top navigation
- Added page loading feature
- Added Ion range slider plugin
- Added custom size of switch button
- Added image crop plugin (+php files)
- Added language bar
- Added 9 new backgrounds for boxed mode
- Fixed table features(datatables,mobile responsiveness etc.)
- Fixed minor bugs in design
- Updated documentation

2014 November 05th – Version 1.2

- Updated to Bootstrap v3.3.0
- Added form layout pages: One Column, Two Column, Tabbed, Separated Rows
- Added panel full screen feature
- Minor bugs fixed

2014 October 29th – Version 1.1

- Added Front-end Template
- Added Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin
- Added Layered PSD, PNG files
- Added new pages: FAQ, Search, Posts, Single Post
- Added plugin Date Range Picker
- Added custom sizes for Switch Button 
- Added light theme

2014 October 16th – Version 1.0

- Release