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AA Restaurant POS



AA Restaurant POS

AA Restaurant POS is a Restaurant Management System with
Point of Sale. This software is specifically designed for Restaurant
or Fast Food Shop. You can define recepy
for each food item with ingredients.It is a modern, simple, and easy-to-use
restaurant management system which is developed in C#
using SQLite database.


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What you will get!

  1. Visual Studio 15 Solution
  2. AA Restaurant POS Project with source code
  3. Licensing Tool Project with source code
  4. Visual Studio Install Project

Main Features

  1. Customers
  2. Customer Sales
  3. Suppliers
  4. Supplier Purchases
  5. Purchase Invoice
  6. Purchase History
  7. Sale Invoice
  8. Sale History
  9. On Hold Sales
  10. Stock Management
  11. Recepy Management
  12. Multiple Warehouses
  13. Stock Transfers
  14. Weekly Purchase Summary
  15. Weekly Sale Summary
  16. Overall Summary
  17. Cheque and Bank
  18. Cash Register
  19. Item Requireds
  20. Staff Management
  21. User Access Control
  22. Recepy Ingredients
  23. Purchase Invoice Settings
  24. Sale Invoice Settings
  25. Multiple Sale & Purchase
  26. invoice designs
  27. Item Units Settings
  28. Multiple Date & Time
  29. Formates
  30. Sale Reconciliations
  31. Items Average Cost
  32. Expense Management
  33. Manage Users
  34. Settings
  35. And much more…

Runtime Features

  1. Responsive UI
    The layout of each form is fully responsive and automatically adjust with screen size
  2. Table Columns customization

    1. Rename Column
      Right click on any column and you can change the label
    1. Table layout customization
      Resize, reorder, rename and hide/show the column by right click on table
      header and select ‘save layout’
    2. Form text customization
      Double click on any label of any Form and you can change the label
      text as per your need.
    3. Sale & Purchase Receipts customization
      You can change receipt logo, Header text, footer text and labels
      from settings.

Licensing Project

The licensing project for this system is also included in the code. You can prevent
the project from theft.

Code Security

Code security is also included in the project. Compiled executable files automatically
obfuscate and prevent from decompilation

Installer Project

The installer project is also include in the package. You can create setup or
installer package in just one click.

Language, Tools & Technologies

  • C# Winform
  • Entity Framework 6
  • Linq
  • SQLite Database
  • DevExpress Winform Controls
  • Visual Studio 2015 or above

What you ‘ll get in this package

  • Full C# Project with Source Code

    • AA POS Project
    • Licensing Project
    • Installer Project
  • SQLite Database file


  1. Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 or above (Required)
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or above (Required)
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Project Installer Extension (Required)

    Click here to download from microsoft website
  4. LogicNP Crypto Obfuscator For .Net (Optional)
    Click here to download
    If you don’t want to use this Obfuscator,
    follow the instruction provided in the documentation

Default Username and Password

User/Password for Login
Username: master
Password: master


Click here to Download

What’s new in version 2.1

  1. Lock customer for credit sale
  2. Purchase Invoice with reference number
  3. Multiple store management
  4. Stock movement in other stores
  5. Sale price of item
  6. Fix price of item
  7. Required items page
  8. Sale history search by text