Cloud Servers

Thanks to hardware from HP and Dell and Cisco networking technologies,

we offer, the best possible platform to deliver services

of virtualization with high performance

Why choose Cloud Servers

Maximum security for your content, more loading speed for the users of your pages



Our platforms are equipped with the best hardware and software technologies; access to your data is protected by constantly monitored and updated firewalls. They work on the platform around the clock.



If you reach the limits of your Cloud Server, go to the superior solution with just one click. If your needs change, you are free to return to the previous plan at any time


The performance of our Linux platforms is continuously analyzed and improved, to provide your website with ever faster response times.


For every development need there is a solution suitable for your project. Our plans adapt to the size of your company, support the most used programming languages ​​and include easy-to-use management panels

Cloud Servers

A fully scalable service that grows with you

* public price list excluding VAT.

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The infrastructure on which we deliver services to our customers is able to offer important guarantees in terms of performance and reliability. The critical network devices are completely redundant to ensure continuity of service in the event of hardware failures.

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Our experts predictively monitor every single factor of the Data Center that could compromise the continuity of the service. 24/7 monitoring is essential to ensure maximum reliability of the services.

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The Data Centers in which we host the services we offer to our customers are ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 27001 certified. Only by maintaining high safety standards have we been able to adhere to the CISPE codes of conduct and align with the new GDPR regulation.

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Strategic Positions

We have chosen our Data Centers in strategic locations in order to facilitate the expansion of our client companies in international markets. Three Data Centers in Germany, three in the United States, one in the Netherlands and one in Singapore.

The certifications of our Data Centers

Safety and Reliability Certified by the highest standards

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A fast and easy to use control panel

The control panel most used by those who choose Linux that allows you to configure the Hosting functions. You can upload files, install applications and manage backups in no time. All this and much more!

We offer a fully functional cPanel demo that will allow you to see how easy it is to use before placing your order.

Activate Google My Business

Our experts create a professional and complete “Google My Business” card for you.
This way you can be present on maps and on the search engine when your customers search for your business or business similar to yours.
Contacts, location, telephone number and opening hours, everything will be entered in the best way to facilitate the search for information and to get your customers to you easily.

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